Employees while controlling various activities of an

Employees are the life source of every organization. If Employees work together and build up a good relationship with their co- employees they can perform their work quicker and much effective. Employee relationship management is very important to every organizations achievement. Having a strong relationship between employees and their co-employees can lead to productivity, motivation and a nice performance of every employees and even the whole organization. Employee relationship management is also called as employee relations management in some organization. It is a device and a strategic process that aims to manage and increase motivation in the labor force by increasing the focus of the ceaseless excellence of the individual relationship between employees. Human Resource Management tries to set up a good relationship among employees and maintain confidence and provide good working condition in an organization.

It supports and acts as a change agent while controlling various activities of an organization. Conducting of employee relationship management within an establishment is now a serious achievement factor for strategic HR policy. Employee relationship management is a notion that focuses no new forms of communication within a company. It is also viewed as the beneficial approach for employees and even employers. Major value promise to employees is the greatest satisfaction of their individual needs, while increased attraction, retention, motivation and performance of employees are values promised to employers.

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