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Employer of ChoiceDefinitionBeing an employer of Choice defines our business against the competition in the market. It means we have created an incredible working environment that rivals and supersedes other businesses. And in turn will attract the best talent in the industry to work for us.

Having a positive employment brand really sets businesses apart and with awards such as Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to work for, achieving This award can really raise the profile of the business and provides a real insight into how a company’s employee satisfaction sits within the market. how can Hell’s Kitchen really differ from other brands out there in raising its profile and making people want to work for us. CultureCreating the culture you wantWe need to take control of the culture we want to enforce in the business and nurture this through our managers and down to the staff within the teams. “Culture is Learned. People learn to perform certain behaviors through either the rewards or negative consequences that follow their behavior.

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When a behavior is rewarded, it is repeated and the association eventually becomes part of the culture.”(1) Having a strong enforcement of company culture harmonises the employees with one goal and in turn produces results. If employees are all working to the same culture, this is the strongest form of strategy and will generate results across teams.

Having transparency on our business and opening up an ideas forum once a month for all employees to ask questions to our Heads of on strategy can really enforce a flat level structure where communication happens across all levels of the business. as restaurant staff can sometimes feel cut off from the head office this bridges a communication gap and enforces engagement from all levels. The CIPD suggests an ongoing employment survey to really understand the levels of engagement within a business.(2) TrainingEmployers want to retain the talent they attract.

Through engaging employees with ongoing training, you are investing in the talent of the business and in turn creating a stronger team. As a restaurant we want to be offering the best quality of service to our customer. With staff that have the knowledge and skills to deliver in their roles we will be showcasing a high-quality brand. With properly trained staff, they will be more confident in their ability to perform and be able to more successfully deliver results. Annual Skills Assesment “This framework could involve an annual skills assessment process in the business, out of which would come a personal development plan for each employee picking up on areas each employee needed further development.”(2) We could also implement a Leadership program taking staff from the business on a fast track plan to get into management roles through an engaging training program. This would take employees from different sections of the business that are our seen as potential future leaders training them across the whole business.

These employees would have knowledge of every aspect of our business making them key pivotal players In the company. Online presenceMaking sure our employees are reviewing our company positively will massively impact the talent we attract. Websites such as Glassdoor provide a quick window into a business that once wouldn’t have been accessible. You can view reviews from employees on everything from benefits to salaries to the culture.

Ensuring we can provide a positive experience from the very early stages of hiring right down to engaging our employees in the business and providing strategic development will ensure that we appeal to top talent in the industry. Social media is also key to our presence and branding. Social media presence also falls into this as it is the window into the business from an outsider perspective for both customers and potential employees. Making sure our online presence really supports and works with our culture will create a seamless brand.

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