Employer welfare act. The employer is also involved

EmployerThe role of the Employer (self-employed) is to be responsible for health and safety in the workplace under the 2005 welfare act. The employer is also involved in hiring employees, offer wages or a salary in return for work.An employer’s duties include the following: Making sure all working activities is correctly following the health and safety and welfare of the employees.

The employer must provide appropriate equipment for their employees. Maintaining appropriate facilities for employees in the work placement. Providing appropriate training for the employees for health and safety.

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This training course must include straight forward language which the employees understand. The employer must co- operate with their employees in the workplace to ensure health and safety is a high standard. Making sure that all accidents and dangerous occurrence are reported.EmployeesThis is a person who works for another person in return for pay. These people can work in various shifts such as full time, part time, flexible time, permanent or temporary.

These shifts will be arranged by the employer under a contract of employment. An employee`s duties include the following: The employees must follow the necessary laws related to health and safety and the employee’s acts must not affect their co-worker. Employees must not be under the influence of an intoxicant to cause harm to themselves or anyone in the workplace. The employee must always co-operate with the employer in regards of health and safety. Employees must not engage in any improper conduct.

All employees must undergo a health and safety course when offered by the employer. Employees must always use the appropriate when provided by the employer. Report any defects in the equipment which may cause disruption in regards of health and safety.


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