Empowering child, child to adult, adult to

Empowering children is about giving them information that is reliable, respecting their views, recognising each child and young person is an individual, that they might be exposed to damaging ideas and negative experiences and that this might influence their behaviour and own ideas. They can be empowerd by knowing that they have a right to know about thier rights UNCRC. An explanation of ways of empowering young children and young people means seeing how settings can help them make positive and informed choices that support their well being and safety.Everyone working with children need’s to support them to help them keep safe and help to support their own well being this can be achieved by:• Helping them to understand the boundaries they might come across. Reinforcing issues when they arise in a positive manner such as turn taking, no pushing, being patient, understanding some children take more time than others to complete tasks, everyone has their own individual ways of completing tasks. Letting them resolve their own conflicts whenever possible.• Promote positive relationships whether child to child, child to adult, adult to adult and adult to child.

• Child led approach enables children/young people to risk assess for themselves as a part of their investigation and playing. Let them lead their own activity without guided instructions to let them see what needs to be done and how they can achieve this.• We all learn by taking risks so when a child wants to take a risk, be there to help them and support them.• Never let a child take a risk that could cause significant harm to themselves or others.Show an interest in the activity that the child is doing, look at what is going on and discuss questions such as: • How far is it to the ground? • How far to the top?• How will you get down?• How safe is that going to be?• How do your friends get up or down?• How could you hurt yourself doing that?• How will you make sure you don’t get hurt?• Go slower, hold on, Look, listen.For younger children get down to their line of sight and look up at the climbing frame and say:• How tall is the climbing frame?• Are you going to be okay?• Do you need any help?

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