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Ender is the third child Wiggins, at the age of six he is taken to Battle School, where he makes both friends and foes. At Battle School, Ender works with Alai to figure out how the equipment works. Then he is transferred to Salamander Army, he starts training with the launchies, but Bonzo wants to stop him from training with them, so Ender resorts to manipulating Bonzo by telling him that if heBonzo interferes with his free play, Ender is going to get him iced, which shows Ender can stand up for himself. Based on these traits I think Ender is an exceptional leader. In Chapter 6 Ender works with Alai to figure out how the equipment works, after they figure it out, Ender shows that he is a quick learner, because he was one of the “.

.few. Like Ender were calmly holding into a wall and watching.” Then in Chapter 7, Ender starts training with the launchies, and Bonzo tries to stop him from doing so, but ender doesn’t give up quickly and tries to manipulate Bonzo by telling him “If you control my free play, I will get you iced.” In Chapter 8-10, he joins the Rat Army, then reunites with Petra when joining the Phoenix Army, and then he becomes the leader of the dragon army, the worst army in the battle school, but just because it is the worst doesn’t mean it’s going to stay like that forever, because when Ender becomes leader, Dragon Army rises from the ashes and starts beating the other armies.

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The Dragon Army wins so many duels to the point where the Battle School tries to give them a challenge by making them fight at least to battles a day, Ender was making sure that he wasn’t just a friend but also a respected commander. Being able to create flexibility and teamwork above everything was also an important lesson, and even if Ender’s soldiers were overworked, the Dragon Army won all the battles that the Battle School made them fight with.


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