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English Essay Lady Macbeth Throughout the play, Lady Macbeth’s character changes more and more. From a strong and confident leader, to a weak, unstable and maladjusted queen. Showing how quickly guilt and sin can drive a person so far down the endless hole of insanity that it starts to break the person physically and mentally. In the beginning, of Act 1 Scene 6, Lady Macbeth was clearly the leader among Macbeth and her, she took on the responsibilities with confidence, displaying her great leadership and dominance.

When Macbeth was too scared to greet Duncan, Lady Macbeth, quickly took over and went to greet the king, to make him feel welcome. They planned to give Duncan a false sense of security in their castle so that they could execute their plan of killing him so as to seize the throne, we can see this from the quote in line 16 to 21, ” All our service, //In every point twice done and then done double,// Were poor and single business to contend// Against those honours deep and broad wherewith// Your majesty loads our house. For those of old, // And the late dignities heap’d up to them,// We rest your hermits”.

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Her quick thinking, along with her confidence portrays that she is the leader and has everything under control, playing to their advantage.Moving to Act 1 Scene 7, Lady Macbeth becomes angry and at the same time deceiving. She says in line 36 to line 45, “Was the hope drunk// Wherein you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since? // And wakes it now, to look so green and pale// At what it did so freely? From this time, // Such I account thy love. Art thou afeard// To be the same in thine own act and valor, // As thou art in desire? Wouldst thou have that// Which thou esteem’st the ornament of life, // And live a coward in thine own esteem, // Letting “I dare not” wait upon “I would,” // Like the poor cat i’ th’ adage?” Lady Macbeth tries her best to guilt trip Macbeth into carrying on with their plan, to make him feel like a terrible husband if he does not carry on.

Lady Macbeth wants to be queen, so she will do everything within her power to succeed, even deceiving/ playing her husband. In the same scene, Lady Macbeth further pushes Macbeth, making him feel bad and angry, even saying how loyal she is to him, that she would kill their own son if she had too. This shows that Lady Macbeth is a very influential lady that can easy manipulate people to do wat she wants. We can see this in lines 48 to 59, “What beast was ‘t then// That made you break this enterprise to me? // When you durst do it, then you were a man. // And to be more than what you were, you would// Be so much more the man. Nor time nor place// Did then adhere, and yet you would make both.

// They have made themselves and that their fitness now// Does unmake you. I have given suck, and know// How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me: // I would, while it was smiling in my face, // Have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums// And dashed the brains out, had I so sworn// As you have done to this.” Lady Macbeth shows her dedication to Macbeth, saying that she would even murder her own son if that is what it took to show her loyalty, scolding Macbeth that why can he not do the same. Finally, Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to go along with their plan to kill Duncan, showing her ability to persuade and manipulate using just her words. Turning loyal and highly-respected Macbeth, into a man eager to kill his King, just so that he can gain power for him and his wife. In lines 80 to 82, “I am settled, and bend up// Each corporal agent to this terrible feat. // Away, and mock the time with fairest show, // False face must hide what the false heart doth know.

This paragraph illustrates how quickly Macbeth has changed, almost becoming a new person altogether. This also shows how influential and how much Lady Macbeth is towards Macbeth.Jumping far down the book to Act 5 Scene 1, Lady Macbeth is no longer the strong, confident and influential women she was in Act 1. She has turned into a weak and unstable person who can no longer feel safe within their own room/home.

We can see this from lines 20 to 21, “Why, it stood by her. She has light by her continually. ‘Tis// her command.” This shows that Lady Macbeth no longer feels safe when she sleeps, that she has to have a light constantly by her. The experience of committing regicide while the king is asleep has scared her, never allowing her to sleep peacefully again. No longer is she the confident women in Act 1, yet scared and broken, one who cannot sleep without a light by their side.Lady Macbeth goes on to further She admits to her sins of murder and other dark deeds while she is asleep, in the presence of a doctor and a gentlewoman. In lines 31 to 36, “Out, damned spot! Out, I say! —One, two.

Why, then, ’tis// time to do ‘t. Hell is murky!—Fie, my lord, fie! A soldier, // and afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when// none can call our power to account? —Yet who would// have thought the old man to have had so much blood in// him?” She admits to the murder of King Duncan, no longer putting on a mask to hide behind. Letting her walls break down under the pressure and guilt that was built up inside her. She goes on to admit knowledge about the murder of the Thane of Fife’s wife and children. Showing further evidence to the doctor and gentlelady that Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have committed those crimes and that she is much darker than what meets the eye. We can see evidence of this in lines 38 to 40, “The thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now? — What, // will these hands ne’er be clean? —No more o’ that, my// lord, no more o’ that. You mar all with this starting.

” This shows that she and Macbeth have been trying to act calm and collected all this time and now, she is finally expressing and telling them what really has been going on behind closed doors.Finally, in the last paragraph of Act 5, the doctor has come to the realisation that the throne and title of king and queen was more than just coincidence, yet a dark deed that was committed by Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. That the throne was not sufficient, they went out of their way to stop anyone who knew any knowledge about their inhumane acts. All of this was discovered because of Lady Macbeth’s inability to keep her strong, confident and dominant character together, turned into someone who lives in constant fear, weak physically and mentally, one who most certainly does not seem to be fit to be queen.

In conclusion, Lady Macbeth has changed drastically. One moment ago she was a strong, independent and confident women who believed strongly in her ideas and plans. The next moment, she becomes this figure who can no longer control her emotions, she lets fear and guilt get the better of her, spilling out everything that has been accumulated within her. Mentally weak and unstable, barely even human anymore. That’s how fast one person can change, all from the dark deeds that we never want anyone to ever know about.

So much stored within that it starts to push you beyond the breaking point, into insanity.


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