English- in reducing peer pressure and raises

English- Persuasive TextBy Jasmine McCullochHave you ever wondered if school uniforms are necessary? I’m sure several other people have as well. I truly believe that school uniforms are essential, imperative, and vital for students to wear because peer pressure will start to reduce, it increases academic achievement and is more cost- effective. Firstly, wearing a school uniform will decrease the amount of peer pressure. Schools around the world don’t have uniforms to wear and their students are too intimidated to come to school because they know that others will judge them because of what they are wearing. Peer pressure doesn’t just happen in Australia, but all around the world.

This is because not wearing a uniform can cause a distraction for students who wear free dress because they are too worried about what others think. This is why school uniforms are substantial because they play a vital role in reducing peer pressure and raises the level of acceptance. Secondly, wearing uniforms increase academic achievement. Representing the school and being part of the community leads to higher grades. This is because when you feel like you belong you can get more work done.

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When you get that sense that you don’t belong it is harder for students to work because they are feeling miserable and distressed. It is found that some test scores were higher for schools that required uniforms than schools that wore free dress. This is because students with uniforms are more focused on their learning rather than what they wear and what others think about them. This is why schools should have uniforms. Finally, buying uniforms instead of casual clothes is more cost-effective. One of the benefits of having a school uniform is that it is cost effective.

Buying a new uniform, which can last for years is much more affordable compared to buying new clothes often. Some schools hire uniform suppliers who provide an affordable range of clothing such as shirts, pants, blazers, jumpers, hats or clothing for sporting activities. This is why schools should have uniforms because they are more affordable.In conclusion, I firmly believe that uniforms are essential for schools to have because it reduces the amount of peer pressure that is happening all around the world, it increases academic achievement and is more cost-effective.


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