English, the glass ceiling that once held

English, the language of Shakespeare, and not surprisingly, the language of international relations, negotiations, science, communication technology, and even in the sky, the language of aviation. It goes without saying that English language has cracked the glass ceiling that once held people from being able to be on the same wavelength, and got their wires crossed. In E.

M. Foster’s words, “They had nothing in common but the English language”. There were once absolutely nothing on earth that would have functioned as a lingua franca, and that is where English stood out from the crowd as a solacement and a salvation enabling communication amongst the rapidly expanding circle of the Anglophones around the globe. Therefore, for those who do not want to be alien to this reality, and had their light bulb moments that they started seeing it in a new light, had awarely taken the first steps to allow English to be part of their lives.

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Hence, In order to make the closest approach into the very core of English language, the magic word would be ‘dictionary’.


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