ent King Jr. expressed from the Birmingham

ent example of division by legal means is the Treaty of Tordesillas in which the Pope legally divided the jurisdiction of the world into two distinctive parts of the world without any consulting nor explaining it to the group of inhabitants of both sides of the world. It is evidently true that laws tailed with conflict within ethnic groups by displacing them, renouncing their stance and worse, denied by laws. In a long run, it becomes an instrument to oppress within the group of people. Taken into account the case of the long rife between the Americans white people and black people where it turned out to formulation and implementation of various laws segregating the “white” people with “colored” people. Truly evident in the case of the Martin Luther King, Jr. defending the civil rights for the African Americans in the United States in a letter from a Birmingham Jail. In a letter, Martin Luther King Jr. expressed from the Birmingham Jail where he explained the ideas of St.

Tomas Aquinas about the laws. He mentioned that any laws that lifts to restore the sanctity of human life is just while the laws that degraded ones is considered unjust . Clearly, laws degrades the organization of the ethnic groups and that rises a condition of a conflict.

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Conflicts in ethnicity arises when the laws denies the propriety of their existence by displacing them apart, renounce their civil rights and worse, segregate them by the means of the laws. Laws are the modern barriers of the society, Yinger speaks of the laws, regulation as a form rewarding benefit for the wealthy while the discrimination is a living barriers evident in some ethnic groups of the communities . It is profound to say that laws is creating a barriers towards the ethnic groups that causes a tremendous conflict because exclusion in any form of consideration to these groups of people, is analogous to ethnic conflict. The failure of the laws in considering the ethnic groups is interpreted as barriers within the government and ethnic groups because the views don’t fit to both parties’ interest.


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