Equality are. The Equality act 2010- Refers

Equality means making sure everyone in the care setting has equal rights and opportunities, regardless of their differences and needs. In a health and social care environment equality and diversity is about including individuals.
The Human Rights Act 1998- Lays out the fundamental rights and freedoms for everyone. The Equality and Human Rights Comission (Hammond, 2012 p.24) states that individuals have “A Right to life” and ” The Right to … security” (p.169). This means that individuals should be provided with the right treatment to get well and be safeguarded and protected from all kinds of harm. Practicioners should give the right medication and idetificiation badges to distinguish who they are.
The Equality act 2010- Refers to diverse sections of the community and that they should have their rights promoted. GOV.UK (2015) explains that the Equality act 2010 legally protects people from different backgrounds such as: different races, religious beliefs and different sexualities among others from discrimination in workplaces and in wider society. It has replaced other pieces of legislations related to discrimination.


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