es, brand. Recently, I bought the new

es, I have a smartphone. My favorite brand of phones is apple because I start with the iPhone 3 and from this moment I never changed the brand. Recently, I bought the new iPhone X with the airPods and the last Macintosh, because I always get apple’s new products. The reason I only use apple product is they provide hight quality product, all the device are inter connected like for example Macintosh and iPhones. Apple also provide many facilities which brands doesn’t have like better display quality, effective sound, etc.

I also chose apple for one reason : his customer relation policy. In fact, I think apple is the only brand which replaces the phone when the customers find some problems. Other brands repairs their phones, but with the AppleCare during the next two years after you bought a phone apple replace the phone and gives a brand new phone right away. That is why apple is the best phone provider.

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Yes, I do think apple should introduce a lower cost phone because most of the people like the simplicity of iPhones , moreover middle class people know how to run iPhone, and they also want to use iPhone but due to hight cost of apple product they are not able to buy any Apple devices. If apple introduce an iPhone which cost is low and easily affordable by middle class consumers then everyone can buy apple devices. For example, four the last one they decide to release the iPhone X, but also the iPhone 8 which is relatively cheaper. So, in my opinion they should always release an new iPhone with also a cheaper version. Moreover, it’s the best way for apple organization to increase their profit, because if they reach all the consumers they will sell more of their product. If they introduce low cost iPhones they will reach all the consumers ( middle class, hight class ) and also they will be able to impose themselves in emerging countries such as India. Yes, I do think that apple can continue to grow by developing breakthrough products that create new market as it did with IPod, IPhone, iPad because they always progress when they launch a new product. They always find new improvements, innovations that create new needs for the consumers.

For example, in the new IPhone X you do not need to have the option Face ID, but everyone think it is futuristic and fashionable, and they all want to use it. If you look the Apple web site, they say « Say hello to the future », which shows that they are the future of mobiles phones. Another example can be the AirPods or the new Macintosh. They develop new processor, new operating system, new gadgets such as the touch bar etc . Moreover, is one of the biggest brand in the mobile phone industry and also one of the most futuristic.

So, that is the reason why peoples were to excited for the new apple products and prefer to continue buying their product. Samsung electronics mainly relies on market research. Samsung hire a lot of employee who work in different country’s research center which provide information about consumer needs, consumer preference , taste of the consumer where as apple does not spend a lot money on market research. Good evidence is that eve Jobs said « consumers do not know what they want », apple try to create needs when Samsung try to fill them. Moreover, Samsung spend a huge amount of money on product promotion, advertisement, and marketing research. Samsung sponsors many huge concerts, leagues in entire the world. Samsung regularly launch phones in short time period gap whereas apple only launch one or two product in a year.

Obviously Samsung’s price are more affordable by every class of customer than apple.


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