Essay (AUPP) help me enhance my professional careerIn

EssayHow will the American University Preparatory Program (AUPP) help me enhance my professional careerIn nowadays the English language became very important language. You need it wherever you go, for studying, finding a job, travelling. A student with high average in studies must have advanced knowledge of English language, it is necessary for success in studies and in their career. It is regrettable to see some successful students that they have no chance to study abroad in prestige universities because of low knowledge in English.

I won’t be one of them. This is the reason why I always try to learn English, and languages in general. I study Master in Economics in University of Prishtina.

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I always plan to continue my studies abroad. Today we have lot of opportunities for scholarships in different universities. But we have to be independent in English language and we have to prove it. This is the reason why I am applying in this program.

This is great opportunity to improve my English and my knowledge in Math. In Math I am good, but in my present job position I need it more, because I am working as accountant in a private company, and I have to do financial analyses and other duties that request do be good in Math. I think that the section of Math in this program would improve my Math and would help me to do my job in better way.

One other way that this program would help me in my career is that it would help me to promote in my job position. I like procurement and the procurement division position needs to be very good in English. This is because in our country has many international organizations that operate here, and to work with them you must be in high level of English knowledge. I like this position in the company where I am working for the moment, and this program would help me to take it.I think it is a great opportunity for students and young professionals to improve knowledge in English and Math. I pointed that this program would help me in to enhance in my career in three different ways: First, it opens my opportunities to study aboard. Second, it would help me to do my job better.

And third, it would help me to promote in my job position.If I could be part of this program I would work hard to gain as much as possible from this opportunity.


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