Established huge fan following as well. Features of

Established in 2002, HostGator went on to become one of the most successful hosting companies soon after its foundation. They took the market by storm, all thanks to their reliable and efficient hosting plans and a very proficient costumer services. Presently the company employs more than 850 people and manages about 8 million domains, each one with a different hosting plan.

How cool is that? The firm mainly focuses on small-scale businesses and offers pocket-friendly hosting plans, free from avoidable additions. That is one of the reasons HostGator has such a wide market and a huge fan following as well. Features of HostGator cloud hosting1.     SpeedProbably the most notable feature while hosting, HostGator like every good quality host is almost invisible. It maintains a super-sonic speed and ensures smooth browsing which is necessary considering some studies have shown that about 40% of the traffic tends to leave the website if the response is slow.  2.

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     User-friendly Dashboard Generally web hosts hardly pay any attention to creating an easy to use and uncomplicated dashboard. But because not all the users are tech experts, the standard cPanel, might not work for everybody. That’s what sets HostGator apart from the other, their attention to detail is impressive.

They have managed to incorporate simplistic designing with a practical user interface.  3.     Reliability and Uptime  Most web hosts offer an uptime of about 98% which might sound very lucrative but indicates a downtime of your website for up to seven days. And we don’t want that! That’s where HostGator comes to your rescue with its 100% uptime.

Impressive isn’t it? With all the problems in the world we are sure you don’t want to worry about your website crashing without any prior warning.   4.     Good Costumer Service The firm provides a 24*7 assistance that too 365 days of the year, even on Christmas! And that’s not all the live chart features quick-fix to all your problems. They also have a direct working phone number listed if nothing seems to work.  5.     A budget host At about $7.

66 per month, HostGator is not only cheap but also offer quality services than its competitor web hostsFeatures of HostGator cloud hosting·         Speed·         User Friendly Dashboard·         Reliability and Uptime·         Good customer service·         A budget host Limitations of HostGator Cloud Hosting 1.     Extra fee for true backups Although, the website boasts about ‘instant backups’ in their advertisements, they offer just the manual ones which are by default a part of cPanel. The automated ones are paid for and cost up to $15.95 per year.  2.     Clichéd Pricing TricksLike every other web host, HostGator also has a few tricks up its sleeve. For instance, they offer economical rates for long term only if you choose anything less than a year you might end up paying double the advertised price.

Therefore, just like everything else good, even HostGator has a couple of things which might lead to some  hiccups but in all it will make your life easier by manifolds. 


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