Ethical I was studying hard, doing my

Ethical situations in you fieldDescribe a situation + Describe own & others’ reactions5 years ago, when I was a senior high school student, a got the heights grades in the class, because I was studying hard, doing my work on time and paying attention in the class. But, one of the main reason for my high grades that, I ask questions when I do not understand anything in the class.

So, all the teachers were fine for me asking question, except for my chemistry teacher, at the beginning she was answering some simple question, but then when I ask her more difficult question, she could not answer some of these question, and for that she got angry and told me in front of the whole class to stop asking question because they do not make sense and it just confuse the other student in the class. And, me and the rest of the student were shocked. So, I stop asking question to her for the rest of the semesters until that day come, when she has joined 2 class; our class and a class from another section, in order for her to finish the chapters. So, I was setting quiet and writing note, and some girls that were sitting in front of me were talking loudly and the teacher was disturbed by them. Then, suddenly she scream and told me to stop talking, I was shocked and embarrassed , then I told her that I did not talk, but she was Insist that I am the one who was talking.

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At this point I was angry, and I said to her that I was quite because you told me to stop asking any question from the begging of the year, and now you accuses me for something wrong. Then I told her that I will not sit in her class, and I got out of the class.When I got home, I told my mother about this situation, and she was irritated and shocked, and told me that she will talk to the teacher.

In the next morning, me and my mother went to the teacher office. First, the teacher start to tell my mother that I speak in the class and disturbing the other student. Then, I justify myself politely because if I start arguing loudly the teacher will do the same and blame me as before. First, I told her that I was not the one who was talking in the class.

Second, the reason that I was asking question because I want to learn and maybe my question can help the other students to understand, and my intention was not to disturb or confuse the rest of the student. Then, after this conversation the teacher apologize to me, and I also apologize to her if I have been rude to her.Explain why the situation was ethical or unethicalThe situation was unethical because when the teacher told me to stop asking questions because they did not make sense and they distracted the other students, the truth that she did not know the answer, and it is okay if she just said that she did not know, or she will search for the answer, but instead of that she told me to be quite.

Also, when the girls have talk, she blamed me for something that I did not do.


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