Ethics Code of Ethics is to avoid potential

Ethics called moral philosophy, it discipline concerned with morally good and bad, right and wrong. It applied to any system of moral values or principles. Over the years, Business Ethics has become an important part all over the world. The beginning of the 21st century, occasionally, every business should have their own moral principles and guidelines. Businesses at all levels of organization needs Business Ethics.

In general, Business Ethics deal with what is right and wrong behavior applied to business activities, it should be conducted according to ethics or moral standards and principles to situation arise in the business organization. According to Andrew Crane defines business ethics as “the study of business situations, activities and decisions where issues of right and wrong addressed”. In my opinion, I believe that they are really matter to any business organization. There are many good example of companies being ethical in their actions, one example of organization in Brunei that practices business ethics is Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam known as BIBD. Business ethics code as part of BIBD Brunei policy is being taken seriously by most of the operators in Brunei’s banking industry. Code of Ethics is to avoid potential problems.

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Since, customers is one of the reasons for a business to be successful and exist, BIBD has the ethical way to deal with the customers. For instance, products’ promotion and advertisements are true. Apart from that, the employees dress according to the dress code that is following Brunei’s philosophy that is Melayu Islam Beraja.


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