Ethics be one-sided and needs to enhance

Ethics in general is a decision maker for an organization/community to decide what is good and wrong. I personally believe that organization/community should set standard ethics in such a way that it should be trust worthy, courteous and respectful, being honest and transparent, good code of conduct, should always be honorable and act with integrity.Now a days, trust at work place is becoming an issue .It is tied up with the assigned work being done at given time and not letting down someone’s expectations when delivering a product.

You should be accountable for all your actions and its consequences. Everyone should be in friendly manner and respectful to others at workplace which will not turn into any issues/complications. One unnoticed/undisciplined action will lead to lose the respect at work culture. Genuineness is a feature of good character that indicates positive and noble characteristics like honesty, straightforwardness and decency which will lead to good ethics at work place of an organization.Decision making should not be one-sided and needs to enhance the advancement of whatever we do.

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Basic leadership and aim behind the choice and moves we make to help the choice needs to help the ethics we take after. Encounter interest at the workplace will arise conflicts which may lead harm to the organization. Proper decision has to be made in those exceptional conditions.


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