Ethics my virtue-based approach to personal ethics, I

Ethics plays an important role in our lives, and the decisions and actions we made in our daily lives are depend upon our own moral principles and faiths. I also have some personal ethics that guide me to take the appropriate decision in my daily lives. Regarding my virtue-based approach to personal ethics, I strongly relies on fairness and respect to others. Fairness in a sense that my decisions and actions are consistently depends upon appropriate norms and standards. Respect to other in a sense of presenting suitable esteem to others and their moral beliefs and values. My personal ethics are highly inspired from the Bible.
As also mentioned in Bible: “All people are equal before God, and are equal in church, home and society. Race, gender, and class are not barriers to Christ. Membership, ministry, and mission are open to all in his kingdom, based upon our personal vocation, moral and personal qualifications, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Christian love is the heart of life in the Spirit. Mutual submission is Christian love in action, treating each person with dignity”.


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