Ethno-botany different Surahs as in Al-Rehman, Al-Bakra and

Ethno-botany is the systematic study of the relationships between plants and people.

Plants and trees are considered dear to the gods. Plants do not just have religious value but therapeutic uses too, planting such trees can help us in many ways. All the different religions of India worship the plants in one way or the other.

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In Hindu, Christian and Muslim religions most of the plants are used as traditional remedies and medicinal purposes to build or maintain health. In Hindu religion Brahmins held plants like Occimum tenuiflorum as sacred to Vishnu found near every house and it is said that it protects from misfortunes sanctifies and guides to heaven all who cultivate it. People believed that by regular worship of these plants gives happiness and all success in life. Christian religious plants are also found in the churches and cemeteries. Al-Quran is one of the best reference books describing the importance of plants in different Surahs as in Al-Rehman, Al-Bakra and Al- Inaam. Some religious belief and rituals are also common to Hindu, Christian and Muslims.


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