Evaluation being one of the most ;transparent; country

Evaluation and RecommendationsFrankly, I think there is no serious problem. Foreign investors into our stock market is like the weather, it changes. They come and they go.

If they all want to pull their money out, by all means. It is an open economy, and they will be back, sooner or later.I rather that LGE fixes the fundamental issues regarding our economy like the debt, transparency of the use of public funds, corruption within the FM and misuse of public finances by the executive. Find a way to pare down the debt like he did in Penang.Fix that, they will eventually come back.

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If I have the funds, they sell, I buy, especially stocks are cheap now. I rather we rip the bandaid off first. Then once people start seeing a progressive and sustainable method of clearing the debt, within just a few months into it the foreign influx will zoom back in. That’s how speculators work.And by virtue of being one of the most ;transparent; country in Malaysia will be good enough to take in a lot of S.E Asia bound foreign investments, beating out other countries in the region.


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