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Even if aleader can be a boss, not every boss is a leader. A leader is not a person likethe head of a large company who gives out orders and treats his employeesroughly. No! This kind of person cannot be a leader.

A leader issomeone who leads others towards a common goal. A leader is someone who has thepower to influence others without giving out any orders, and who can say”Follow my actions” rather than “Follow my orders”. It isvery important for a leader to have experience serving others or working forfree so that they will be able to understand and respect others who do thesame. People who have never served others can become a boss, but not a trueleader. Everyonehas the potential to become a leader. Somewhere inside of them, everyone hasqualities that leaders need, but not all people know how to use these qualitiesin the right way. However, anyone can develop their leadership skills throughexperience and put them to use in everyday life. As anexample of working for free, I would like to tell more about my personalexperience working as a volunteer.

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As I have already mentioned in my personalstatement, I was a volunteer at the EXPO 2017, which was held in Astana.Hundreds of Kazakhstani students from cities all over the country gatheredtogether to help our nation, and I was one of the volunteers who contributed tothis grand event. Due to thelarge influx of visitors from all over the world, there was a lack ofvolunteers at some parts of the exhibition.

In connection with the need formore help, I participated in different volunteering activities. Most of thetime I spent on the playground working with children from five to ten yearsold. My goal in the future is to become a teacher, and on the playground Igained valuable experience in the pedagogical sphere, which has helped me tocommunicate with and understand school-age children more. At the same time, Idemonstrated the usefulness of sharing my skills with children and expandingtheir knowledge through educational games. Themotivation that I have for being a volunteer is that I feel myself needed.

Itmakes me feel better that I can repay the community that I live in and returnmercy to all the people who have helped me throughout my life. Everyone, nomatter poor or rich they are, benefits from the community, and volunteering isone of the few ways for me to give back to the community and express myappreciation and gratitude.


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