Even hypothesis. Although there are several issues linked

Even though we are provided with Goodman’s new riddle of induction, we cannot limit our awareness of the historical issue.

The Bayesian model implies that an individual’s assurance of a hypothesis rises as they perceive stronger evidence projected by the specific hypothesis. Although there are several issues linked with this type of induction model, this is at least in concept relatively instinctive. Nonetheless, with the concept of the grue hypothesis, this theory collapses. For instance, given the hypothesis all A’s are B’s, one’s assurance of this hypothesis would rise at every event where an A is a B. However, one can develop a hypothesis like all A’s are B’ until T which assumes the same concept as the previous hypothesis yet there is a deviation at a random time as to what actually happens. We can therefore conclude that sampling the emeralds is a more reliable technique as compared to sampling things at random.

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