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Ever since Donald Trump was elected for President he really didn’t want undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. because he thinks that the immigrants that come from Mexico are serial killers and drug dealers so the population will grow and there will be so much killing cases that involves with immigrants. As the president of the United States, he promised everyone that he was going to deport many immigrants who have a criminal history not only that he also wants to build a huge wall so immigrants can’t come to the United States. Donald Trump blamed all on Mexico because they didn’t do nothing to stop immigrants from running into the U.S. he was also angry about a program that has to do with immigrants called DACA. He claims that the program is being abuse by alot of immigrants and that for those people who are protected by DACA they are called Dreamers so all they want is to bring more individuals as children to the U.S. and take superiority of DACA. Donald Trump declares that his action to decriminalize the position of hundreds of thousands of undocumented newcomers shouldn’t be taken to the U.S. same goes for these young immigrants this is an issue because many immigrant families wants their children to go to the U.S. so they can have a better education and become qualified for a work permission it’s hard for Trump to know if these young immigrants have any criminal history.
The reason these undocumented immigrants wants to be protect by the program DACA is because they can get their own social security card, driver’s license, and get a job with profit like healthcare. Donald Trump doesn’t like that immigration administration at all because he doesn’t want immigrants to come to the United States. Referring to the book “The Essential Immigrant” Dan Lacey says, “Most research on immigration attitudes shows, ironically, that fear of Americans losing their employment opportunities to newcomers is the simple-yet-prevalent motivation for contemporary government restrictions on immigration.” (Pg.41) Americans are afraid that their job opportunities are going to be taken away by undocumented immigrants it will always be a everyday interest what I know is immigrants that comes to the U.S. as children are ready to get educated so they learn so fast and get a great job they don’t waste their time joking around with their friends all they want is to work hard to be someone in this world so they can have alot of money in their pockets to bring their family to the United States. Young undocumented immigrants are arguing all across the country about the Trump legislation wants to finish DACA for good so that the young immigrants can go back to Mexico.


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