Every and learning should be of a high

Every child has the right to a balanced and widely diverse curriculum where teaching and learning should be of a high quality. Each child should have the opportunity to an equal curriculum regardless of race, gender, background and disabilities. So the importance of knowing the legislations, codes of practice and policies will support the rights of children and young people. Within a school equality, diversity and inclusion are extremely important. Polices on inclusion and equality of opportunities will only be successful if they help to raise achievements and promote self-identity with good relationships through full participation of every child and young person.

Also it is important that children are supported and are given the right to participate and to be treated equally so they are able to work and achieve to the best of their ability. Within my setting there is a SEN child that is unable to participate in the learning activities with the other children, so we have made a work station that is just for him to use away from the other children where he can complete them. By doing this he is still able to access the curriculum but in a way that suits him. By breaking down barriers means that by examining what has been identified as potentially discriminatory and to apply the knowledge and understanding that we have gained will help to break down those attitudes and the use of policies, practices and procedures will protect those that are disadvantage or discriminated against. Children should be made to feel that they belong within a school and believe that they are truly accepted for being themselves and know that they will be treated equally. This should be done regardless of their race, disability, age and ethnic background. Improving access to the curriculum will raise achievement and will identify any gaps in children’s learning and if they have not met the levels that is expected of them. A child from an ethnic background that does not have English as a first language will struggle more than a child who does and could fall behind at school, or a child from a deprived background will not have the support and again could fall behind.

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So if every child is given equal access to the curriculum then they have a better start to their learning and with the correct support in place. Sometimes it is referred to as the attainment gap. Equal opportunities does not just mean treating every the same but their curriculum too. Intervention might be given if a child is falling behind and given extra support at an early stage to enable them to meet the targets.

A school should support and recognise their children and that they have access to everything that is happening in the school. As they will feel that they belong it will raise their self-esteem too. Normally when children have fully participated they will feel valued for who they are and what they have achieved and by this being acknowledged and reflecting on what they have done was great. Children and young people should have access to independent learning, this should make them more motivated and achieve to their full potential as they are making their own choices. Our own actions and attitudes towards the children are also very important for example, fairness – treating every child the same. As we are seen as role models this will influence them and lead to respect by everyday contact with the children. Their rights should always be protected but children should also know their responsibilities towards others. As many of us live in a diverse community children need to be taught about different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

This will ensure that they understand and respect other cultures, faiths and nationalities. By incorporating this into the curriculum will enhance leaning and create a more exciting one which will reflect that the school values different cultures but also allows children to explore different ones to their own. If we support and encourage our children to understand and except cultural diversity it will prevent prejudice and discrimination within schools.

More importantly it will prepare children and young people that there will be considerably change as they grow into adulthood and they will be involved in different cultures and diversity as they mix with different people.


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