Every country faces different problems and issues.

Every country faces different problems and issues.

As well our country faces many. All of these are called Philippine realities. It tackles about the issues that our country’s faced and facing. The underdevelopment of the Philippines as of today gives us problems. Those are experienced not just the government, but also the Filipinos living here. Our country deals with social and economic problems that the government keeps on finding and searching for solutions. The countrymen deal with poverty. According to Social Weather Stations, 10.

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9 million of the Filipinos are jobless that leads them to poverty. Another issue is the gender inequality. Before, the women experienced gender inequality because the men got more rights than them. Today, some of our LGBT experiencing gender inequalities that lead them in hiding. The justice system is also a problem especially for those who didn’t get the justice they deserve. Most of the Filipinos know that if you’re poor, you have a less chance to have the justice you want to get. The corruption keeps on growing.

The corruption inside the government, in the institutions of the government, even the private companies are corrupting the Filipinos. Our economic growth is also a part of Philippine realities. Some of the critics said that the corruption in the Philippines continue to spread that leads us down and our economic growth to rise very slowly. Philippine realities give us an idea for research. It is a guide for everyone to research about our country.

Some literatures are also inspired by these issues. It wouldn’t be gone. The problems may be solved, but as the time goes by, it would be continuing to face issues.


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