Every had to leave while my friends

Every four years I have to pack my belongings and wait for a official letter from the government to say goodbye to my friends and surroundings and say hello to my new home.

Being a daughter of a diplomat is hard, I pack and unpack boxes whenever the government tells us to move.The whole thing was confusing when I was little. I didn’t understand why I had to leave while my friends stayed behind, or why I had to learn new traditions and languages. Learning different languages and cultures as I moved around was one of my biggest challenges, but it has been a major part of my personal growth. I feel like I’ve grown a little more open-minded and accepting I lived in Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and i am currently living in California. I was born in Ethiopia and leaved in a small town called Dehra with my grandparents while my parents worked in the capital Addis Ababa, when i was there i learned how to speak Oromiffa which is my tribal language and Amharic which is the official language. When I first moved to Saudi Arabia with my parents I learned how to speak arabic but forgot how to speak Oromiffa, when i went back to Ethiopia after 4 years had to learn my tribal language again and actually study in Amharic which I struggled.

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Moving around makes studying tough.The difference in curriculums from country to country makes it hard for me to quickly catch up with my studies.One of my struggles as an international student is transferring my credits a lot of people don’t know what international students go throw when they are transferring their credits. All the work they have input will not have any value and the fact that all the hard work you put for years is being put on hands of a sheet of papers that determines your grade for the years of hard work you put out. Each education system has taught me different things and shaped me to be a global citizen and being able to understand various opinions and comprend to plan to reach resolutions.


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