Every talent for their personal benefits. In

Every high school student is required to take certain classes in order to graduate. We have to take a certain amount of math, science, social studies classes.

Of course, there are classes that are not interesting to us at all, but we must do it since we don’t have any other choice. Most high school students has trouble in expressing their talent because they have to take so many subjects at the same time that they couldn’t spend much time on the subject that interested them the most, but it’s different in college. College is where students can express their talents, and people are always supporting us and encouraging us to pursue our goal. Bridgewater College has changed my perspective about education in a positive way, and I’m glad I made the right decision; similarly to Edward, if Edward didn’t move in to live in Peg’s community, he wouldn’t know he has talent. Because he didn’t have any opportunity to express his talent. When he moved in with Peg, people recognized his talent even though they were using his talent for their personal benefits. In Edward’s environment, people didn’t really support him because of his appearance, but in this society as long as we have a talent we will be able to express it, and people don’t care much about the appearance anymore.

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For example, Bridgewater offers many opportunities for their students by giving academic scholarships for those that do well in school, and offering internship program for students, which helps students has the opportunity to interact with the real workplace. It’s also a perfect chance for those still confused about what they want to do after college to figure out their future goal. At Bridgewater College, as long as we are willing to work and willing to participate, they will offer us the same opportunity as everyone else.

Either in this society for Edward society, people that really love us, want us to be successful is our family. My parents don’t ever be jealous of me, they are happy for me for my successful, they are always supporting me, and will always be there for me whenever I need it. Peg’s family is always there for Edward when he needed them, they never turned down on Edward, they stood up for him when other people did not. They respect Edward’s talent, and Peg wanted the help Edward open up a hair salon, so they went to the bank together, but they didn’t give him a loan(Burton), but at least she tried. She treated Edward as a member of the family, and they didn’t expect anything in return. Peg is happy for Edward’s successful (Burton). Like my family, they will be more than happy if I do well in college and success in life. So I can say that family is the only one that loves us unconditionally, give us everything and don’t expect anything in return.

Edward loves cutting trees and loves making people become prettier, and I want to make this world become a better place by studying science to make new medicines. My passion is to study math and science, and Bridgewater has small math and science departments, where I can ask for one on one help from the professors, and where I can start doing research as a sophomore, which would support my talent, and help showed me how research environment looks like. As I known, most big colleges, science students won’t be able to start doing research until their senior year or even graduate school. That’s why small colleges would be the best option for undergraduate students and students wants to start doing research early. Before Edward came to live with Peg, he had no idea how people would accept his talent, and Peg was one of the few who encouraged his talent; like Edward, I too have been taken out of my comfort zone when I entered Bridgewater College, and I didn’t know how my college professors would respond to my talent. My first days of college were amazing. I had the chance to meet with people who have the same passion as me.

I met with the upperclassmen who were willing to give me the advice to help me do well in college. I felt that professors at Bridgewater College respect my talent by sitting down and listen to my problems and help me solve it. I believe that not all students felt their talents is accepted by the community they live in.

Therefore, I appreciate Bridgewater College community for supporting me in many ways.Peg’s neighbor told Edward: “‘ you have a handicap'” (Burton). People made fun of him because of his appearance, and they didn’t even know him well. English is not my first language, and since I entered Bridgewater, no one has made fun of my accent.

Everyone is supporting me, they make me feel more confident about myself, and it’s the best condition for me to express my talent. Bridgewater College has encouraged my talent by giving the McKinney Scholarship, which helps pay most of my tuition, and if I earn a certain GPA, this scholarship will be renewed for the maximum of eight semesters. Without this scholarship, I wouldn’t be able to study science.

Bridgewater College understands the importance of scholarship, and they want to help their students to be successful. The college offers the best academic program and creates the most comfortable environment for students to express their talents. Edward had trouble with expressing his talent because he wasn’t treated equally by the community he lived in (Burton), and there are many people has trouble with expressing talents because of their parents. High school students are still under the control of their parents, and they can’t decide on their own. College is different.

College helps people become more mature, teaches people how to make decisions, even though it’s not a right decision sometimes, but they made it their own. Edward was in many trouble because he didn’t learn how to say “No.” He always says yes when someone is pegging him to help them. For example, Kim and Jim asked Edward to broke into Jim’s house, and he did it (Burton). He knew it wasn’t right, but he did it anyway because of Kim, and then he was caught.

No one stood up form him besides Peg. If someone taught him how to say “No” with situations that he doesn’t feel comfortable, he properly didn’t stuck in that much trouble. When I was a freshman in high school.

I was just like Edward, I never said “No” when someone asked me for help, but then I realized that they were using me the entire time. They didn’t treat me as their friend, they asked me for help when they needed me, but when I needed them, they turned down on me. I learned my lesson, I now love myself more, and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt my feelings.

When Edward lived in the castle by himself, he didn’t know he had a talent. He didn’t realize cutting trees and hair would be considered a talent. When I was in high school, I didn’t know that doing well in math and science was also a talent.

I realized that the more I studied math and sciences the more it was fascinated me. I understood that we could change the world by making new medicines and creating new treatments for diseases. Edward could easily be a famous hairstylist by practicing his skill every day; unlike Edward’s talent, my talent will be useless if I don’t keep studying and updating new information and techniques.

Bridgwater College has taught me from the fundamental materials to complicated materials, I felt that I’m learning something new everyday and every day at school is a productive day. Peg’s community was using Edward’s talent instead of supporting him, they were only being nice to him when they needed him . When the police caught Edward at Jim’s house, everyone turned away from him and blamed everything on Edward, and they didn’t even ask if he was okay (Burton); unlike Edward’s community, Bridgwater College community is different. Professors are always there for us when we have questions. They are willing to spend hours with us to help us solve a problem. I appreciate my community and professional professors that I have worked with. I’m willing to take any challenges that Bridgewater College are offering me in the near future.

In both societies, racism has still existed in some ways, but in this society, I seem to have more opportunity than Edward’s society. I have more freedom to do what I like and passion about. Edward had to depend on people feelings to live (Burton), he couldn’t use his talent properly.

He can only use his ability when people allowed him to. I feel unfair for Edward because he was treated unequally even though he didn’t do anything wrong. He was mistreated just because he was looked different from anybody else. People liked and encouraged his talent at first, but then after he was caught by the police, they treated him differently (Burton), if Edward was created in today society he might not have to face those situations that he faced in his society, people are more tolerant and understanding now.

They would encourage his talent instead of making fun of just by looking at his Scissorhands. While Edward’s society encourages talent that incorporates art and creativity, my society encourages talents that have scientific and engineering significance because it is believed that these talents are more beneficial to the community. Everyone supported Edward and encouraged him to open up a hair salon. Peg took Edward to the bank to apply a loan for him, the neighbor took him around the town to find a place for his salon (Burton), but in this society, not a lot of people are willing to help us like that, everyone thinks science and engineering are more beneficial for our lives. For examples, when we are in college, we’re making new friends, and then they ask about our parents’ career; if we say my parents are artists or technicians, they will not respect us as much; but if we say our parents are doctors or engineers, they will look at us differently.

In this society, our career is one of the factors people use to determine our intelligence and determine the way they are going to treat us. I felt that Bridgewater College encourages all talents, and helps us develop our talents. The professors tries their best to help students within their capability. They don’t treat chemistry major students and art major students differently. Everyone should be treated equally in this society because every career should be earned the same respect from everyone. College life is definitely better than high school life.

We can be on our own. No one would make us study subjects that we are not interested in. Bridgewater College offers many elective classes that help our major.

The best part about college is meeting people who are studying the same major with us, so they help us when we need it, they understand us since we have the same passion. Unlike high school, other students would constantly ask me questions like ” why do want to study that?”, ” Why don’t you become a doctor?”, “How can you make a living out of that?” Those type of questions upset me. I think it’s better to do what we love and passion about rather pick a career that makes more money and never enjoys it. College would be able to help us make the right decision for our future career. When I talk about college, the first thought that came up to my mind is opportunities.


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