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Every writer has a different and unique way to approach writing. My writing process can be broken up into four main steps; pre-writing, writing, revising/editing, and publishing. Throughout my semester with English 1201-06, I have considered myself to be an adequate writer of scholarly works. Thus in this essay, I will reflect my academic writing process in hopes to further improve my writing.

  The writing process is very simple and gratifying for me. After I have finished my reading and notes, I will start narrowing down my focus on topics that I find thought-provoking and engaging. An example of this occured while reading the chapter on self-mastery, the character of George Marshall caught my attention. He started off as a troublesome child but managed to turn his life around and set out to do great things such as leading the U.S. Army through WWII, become Secretary of State and Defense, and win the Nobel Peace Prize. Writing about topics that I find interesting makes the process more enjoyable and less of a burden for me. By using these steps of the writing process, I’m able to write essays for a college level audience and clearly communicate my intended message to the readers.

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After choosing a topic, I begin creating a thesis statement that supports the topic while also providing the reader with the contents of the essay. Eventually, I research to expand my knowledge on the chosen topic and to organize the ideas that I wish to address into an outline. Outlining helps me to build the rough draft and decide how I want the information to be arranged. The outline determines where and what kind of points I want to include in each of my individual paragraphs. Organization is essential during this process, because once the groundwork has been laid out then I am able to freely write. My organization can be seen in the literary analysis of This Beautiful Life, where each individual paragraph focused on the individual characters of Lizzie, her son Jake Bergamot, and Daisy Cavanaugh. From then on I used quotes, paraphrases, and summaries as textual evidence, analyzed how technology affected the lives of each character, and reflected the importance in the theme of technology allowing people to be more vulnerable.

  Finally, the last important part of writing a rough draft is the conclusion. Just as how the thesis statement provides the reader with the contents of the essay, the conclusion should summarize the contents of the essay and make it sound complete. The next step in the writing process is revising and editing, workshop has helped me greatly learn about any errors or improvements I can make through another student’s perspective. Through their feedback, I was able to review over my essay and shown that there were improvements that I could add, either by diving into deeper details or including more evidence. All of which had the same premise that there was much more to write. After the workshop, I would approach my essay with changes on how I would correct my essay and improve upon it. From the workshop evaluations, I further reflected my sports writing essay and examined more closely on my personal experience when going to a semi-final basketball game. I explained more of the significance of why I decided to go, along with personal reflections after experiencing the game, and details to describe the setting and emotions at that time.

     However, there is more to revising and editing than just adding details and including more evidence. Correcting errors in my grammar, spelling, and punctuation is paramount. While revising, I proofread my work out loud so I’m able hear if anything needs to be changed. I check to make sure the essay is my best work for the idea in which I’m trying to communicate. In addition to proofreading, I examine my sentence structures to make sure they’re clear, concise, and free of mistakes. I check carefully for run on sentences which is a pattern of error that I have a tendency towards. After I’m done revising and editing, I check to make sure that the essay is in MLA format and any citations are correct. Finally, I take time to read over my paper one or two more times before submitting my final copy on D2L.

In conclusion, I can understand the significance of the writing process and how it helps me to become a better writer. The four steps of my writing process are a framework to guide and help me improve on my writing skills. Writing is the basis of which my work and learning are judged, it expresses who I am as an individual and makes my ideas become visible to the world around me.


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