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Every person has their own personalities which makes them different among the others. Introverts and extroverts are the types of personality that represents a person. Based on Chong (2018) extroverts are expressive individuals that are socially active and recharge by socializing with people. In contrast, introverts are very reserved and prefer solitary pursuit. Thus, this essay will discuss about the differences between introverts and extroverts.
Firstly, effective leadership requires one to be gregarious however, a scientific research conducted by Nobel “Behaving in an introverted manner is the key to success as a leader. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Socrates, great leaders are introverted” (2010) prove that introverts can be a great leader as they observe before they speak which are more likely to produce better and rational decisions.
Furthermore, a study conducted by Our Lady of the Lake University shows that introverts and extroverts have different learning styles as extroverted learners dominate social learning styles. In addition, they are more open to different kind of opinions but they get distracted easily. However, introverts prefer solitary learning styles whereby they often prefer to discover things by themselves and likes to do things on their own. (n.d.).
Moreover, Faitz stated that “In American popular culture, an outgoing person is perceived to be successful and happy” (n.d.) as they have bigger circle of friends because they like social interaction but the bonds are less strong. On the contrary, the reserved ones have a smaller circle of friends and enjoy one-on-one conversation because they like solitude but they can be a good listener which makes them rooted to their friendship.
In conclusion, introverts and extroverts have different behaviours that makes one to be special and different. A world would be boring if everyone has the same personalities and behaviour. Therefore, we can


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