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Every student has their own hacks for school stuffs, but the thing is do them actually often does it? To make life easier for busy students here are some useful life hacks and study tips. You must have these school life hacks and study tips for you to be organize and productive.School Life Hacks• PlannerTracking your class and exams schedule• VisualsSuch as pictures or drawings and highlighting important terms on your reviewer• FlashcardsAdd some game while reviewing; it helps you to remember simple things with a bit of enjoyment• Apps for School (Games with relation to school)I recommend downloading “Heads up” game because there is an option which you can also make your own game, just like flashcards but built in through your phonesGames: Word search, Quiz bees and Puzzles• Merriam-Webster DictionaryNot necessary the book itself but the application on play store, it helps you for easy access on a dictionary with the unfamiliar words you will encounter• Google ScholarMore specific knowledgeStudy Tips• On the examination day, hear your teacher’s voice or imagine your teacher saying it• Study early in the morning at least hour before the test• Have some snacks while reviewing (peanuts, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables) or treat yourself with dark chocolates it also helps boosting your mood• Sleep early around 8:00 pm in the evening, it helps your brain relax and peaceful when you wake up in the morning• Take a break on your social media accounts, try to watch movies and listen to music with positive effect while your studyingStudying is never been easy for us students. You study because for your future, but it is actually for your own good that others won’t let you down.

It’s hard to study but if you plan and have courage to reach your goals you can make it!

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