Every it (Memon, 2017). Sadly, this pattern has

Every work environment demands equal opportunity for all genders.

Work motivation and work satisfaction is key to all. Also, according to the universal declaration of human rights, individuals have the right to equal pay for work without discrimination. Women, in many countries are discriminated because of the presence of patriarchal society and the beliefs in it (Memon, 2017).

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Sadly, this pattern has also continued in a workplace which results in women getting lower wages and lower professional rankings despite of having enough knowledge and experience (Batra, 2016). Many such cases have been repeatedly studied and observed at many workplaces in India. The purpose of this paper is to explore how Indian workplace dominates working women, creating a gender inequality in the workplace. This essay argues that patriarchal society and its beliefs reproduce gender inequality and discrimination in the Indian workplace by not giving enough responsibilities and equal wages to working women employees. It discusses the following sub-issues: 1) sexism and pre-defined gender roles in an Indian work setting 2) wage difference based on gender and the net economic profit gained by corporations when women are involved in it. 3) Professional status detoriation after marriage and motherhood. Resources –Memon, N. Z.

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