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Everyone has a bad habit whether from the past or present, a bad habit is hard to break and can cause problems later on. Habit is a repetition of actions that are done continuously that over time it just occurs automatically unknowingly. Some commonly observed bad habits include finger nail biting, smoking or drinking.

For instance a Facebook addict would regularly remove their phones to check for notifications, and the majority of the time when they unlock their phones they would automatically click the Facebook icon before opening any other app since it is already registered by the brain. To further understand how bad habits form this question arises ‘Are bad habits formed or are they be inherited?’. simple habits can both be formed or inherited from parents, there are three ways to determine where the Habits originate from the surrounding environment, through psychologically and others are hereditary.

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All in all by analysis of these three factors It shows a better understanding of where various habits arises from, whether by environment, through psychologically, or it can be simply passed through birth. In terms of habits, environment can be those who have a direct influence on a individuals choice, it can further be categorized into family and friends since they have the utmost influential power. Firstly, the family member mostly parents and elder siblings will impact habit formation because these are the people who are constantly around, and are the once supposed to be setting standards to follow. When children grow up the observe how their parents and siblings act, and so if they are exposed to negative habits from their parents or elder siblings at a younger age they will most likely be following the standard set by family and if necessary actions are not taken this habits will grow on the child. According to Groh, Jason, Davis, Olson & Ferrari, professors of psychology in America (n.

d.), Those parents who have minimum affiliations with their children end up with the children forming drinking habits. Also, studies have shown that a majority of teen smokers have parents who smoke (Sarri, et al.

Medical Doctor at the University of Eastern Finland, n.d.), this shows that those children who are exposed to bad habits within the households from an early age will quickly form bad habitual behaviors when growing up. Secondly is the type of friendship that a person may have and the effect that it may have on their lives, commonly known as peer pressure is another element that forces habit formation. For instance during a survey, 82% of people interviewed reveled that they started drinking because their friends also drank (Groh, Jason, Davis, Olson & Ferrari, n.

d.). In another survey, it was conclude that those people who smoke was because of peer pressure, it also reveals that peer pressure is much more effective than those whose grew up in a smoking household (Sarri et al., n.d.). As shown above, the environment through families and friends can affect the decisions and if not taken seriously at first this habits become harder to overcome every passing day. Secondly, bad psychological habits are formed through exposure to immoral thoughts and actions or continuous meditations on a certain activity.

This bad psychological habit tend to have two things in common, emotion and visualization. Bad emotions such as negative thinking or the guilt feeling are psychological habit that can easily pull down a person’s mental and physical health, it exists throughout all age groups and can easily be triggered. According to Greenburg, a psychologist in Mill Valley, California (n.d.), When a person tells himself he is a failure, he develops an obstacle for himself that holds him back from progressing, it may then effect his overall performance and, personal and work relationship.

A great example of this is guilt and the effects it has on people, guilt is good to refocus a individuals attention back on their goals, however to much of guilt becomes a burden and can affect their performance (Greenburg, n.d.). Moreover visualization also has an influence on the types of habits that are developed, it various among each individuals depending on the sort of things they see and visualize. According to Hull, Brunelle, Prescott ; Sargent (2014), Through their studies they discovered that there is a relationship between playing violent video games and having developing bad habits, as more time is spent playing violent video games, children start developing bad habits, such as smoking, drinking and sexual activities. This shows that violent video encourages harmful habits to occur. Another example is mostly everyone today is staring into their phones as their walk or ride on transportation, most of them especially boys are seen playing online games for a the period of time leaving no room for face to face socialization (Carey, New York Times, 2018).

All in all, as games become popular in todays generations they become confined in their own space, as mentioned above violent video games forms bad habits, and while some games are not violent it can still occupy time a lot useful time. Furthermore, hereditary Habits are habits inherited through the family either from the parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. There are two ways to categories that effect hereditary habits, through genes and behavior. Having a bad habit is normally blamed on the parents and the genes that have been inherited from parents. When parents are involve in unethical activities it can be recorded into their genetics and be transmitted throughout to their offspring’s.

According to Walters & White, psychologist at US penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas (n.d.), from recent studies through criminal records it reveled seven generation of the same blood line having a criminal record.

People come in various body shapes and sizes each with their unique personalities and behaviors, this genes have a relation with the sort of habit that a person may have (Sheldon, as citied by Walters & White, n.d.). Furthermore the behaviors found in parents very likely to be inherited by the children. According to Sarri, et al., (n.

d.), The most smoking teenagers inherited the habit from their smoking parents. Also, according to Ferguson, specialist in Internal and Addiction medicine, citied by Uhlig (2001), Teenagers who are constantly breaking traffic laws have been found that their parents have numerous traffic fines. Lastly as shown bad habits have a relation to genetics and behaviors that parents may have, this factors will always reflect the sort of habits children will develop later on.

To conclude, bad habits can either be newly formed through the environment, psychological or be hereditary. All of this factors have relation that has a direct impact on the judgements we make that can lead to formations of bad habits. Firstly the environment involves the people around us, those are the people who are present in the daily activities we perform, they have a stronger influence over decision making and will more likely encourage or discourage the behavior. Moreover psychological habits occurs when individuals think negatively of their self or when they expose them self to negative actions that tend to stimulate the brain into trying to adopt to this actions. Furthermore, hereditary habits are passed on through generations like a loop, either through behaviors or from genetics.

Bad habits are consequences of bad influence and exposure to negative actions and once they become strong bad habits will be difficult to change.


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