Everyone However, according to Eric Schlosser, the author

 Everyone knows that a college student isalways busy with classes, homework, and projects; so how do they get enoughenergy for a whole day at school? The key answer is the food in the cafeteria,and the snack in the vending machines. Even though Richland College has aSubway selling fast food inside the cafeteria of the campus, it does not meetall the criteria of providing enough energy or nutrition for students. Moreover,eating fast food regularly is the main reason why college students get fat.However, according to Eric Schlosser, the author of the “Fast Food Nation,” “evenin this fast food nation, you can still have it your way,” (The DarkerSide of Fast Foods, 2001) so students should have the right for having healthyfood in the campus because of its amazing benefits: increases the academicperformance, controls the weight, prevents the diseases.

            Firstof all, the academic performance relies completely on students’ energy, or whatthey eat to create the energy. The nutrition from the food they eat has aconsiderable effect on how students think, act, and behave. Moreover, it plays animportant role in students’ health, and this factor also impacts the academicperformance. With good nutrition and healthy eating habits, students can controltheir way to improving their day-to-day mental health and well-being. Foodsrich in B vitamins, especially vitamins B-6, B-12, omega-3 fatty acids, andprotein can help reduce the homocysteine levels. Furthermore, students cansupport their eyesight themselves by eating the green and yellow food such aspear, pineapple, broccoli, cucumber and so on. After studying for hours in themorning classes, students need to have a high nutrients meal for lunch in orderto create new energy and replace the part that is used. Therefore, if studentsare provided the right amount of nutrition, it will activate their brain towork well through the afternoon classes.

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Besides, having nutrition meal insteadof fast food improves the focusing of students and makes them pay attention inclass. It also avoids the distraction from internal impact factors because theyare charged enough energy and ready for studying. In addition, nutrition also indirectlyimpacts school performance because the poor nutrition can make students are susceptibleto illness or lead to headaches and stomachaches, which result in school’sabsences. vi vay, school should provide more healthy food to improvestudents’ brains and their academic performances.            Notonly increase students’ academic performance, healthy food also controls theirweight. While fast food makes the world wrestles “with the highest obesity ratein the world -more than half of all adults and about one-quarter of allchildren in the United States are now obese or overweight” writes Schlosser,the author of “Fast Food Nation,” (The Darker Side of Fast Foods, 2001) thehealthy food is known for its amazing value in diet. Eating healthy food forhealthy body but still get enough nutrition is becoming popular in collegestudents.

It is a positive way to protect students’ health and repel thediseases. Nowadays, obese is classified as a growing epidemic or a nightmare ofAmericans. Therefore, college students are not an exception, while more andmore student are gaining weights because of eating fast food.

Many plans ofeating healthy food is provided to help. The most effective way to make studentsbe aware and get used to the healthy food such as fruits, vegetables and whole-grainfoods is selling them inside the campus. Furthermore, these kinds of food fill themup faster and keep them full longer than fast food, so students do not need to havemany meals a day and gain their weights. Besides, eating the white and green foodsupports the health of colon and improves digestion of the stomach.             Last but not least, eating healthy food is another way toprotect students’ health from many kinds of disease. Their body’s cells will beprotected from environmental damage thanks to the nutrients from the food they eatday-to-day.

The whole-grain foods which contain fiber is necessary for regularitybecause it can decrease the risk of cancers. Moreover, this type of food keeps andmaintains the blood cholesterol and sugar levels at a good level


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