Executive issues of the employees and how the

Executive summary (200 words)Tables of contentIntroduction (150)About the Topic About the projectContent()Conclusion (200)Overview of the company:Challenges faces by companyImpact on the role of HRMIntroductionOver the few years there is few up and downs in the aviation sector. There are many challenges that are facing by the companies, as there is a tough competition is going on between the airlines, so the profit of the company effects by these factors, like the amount of people travelling on their fleets as well as the promotion that are effecting the customers mind. Aviation industries are now catching up the profit margin. Many companies are offering many services to the customers to catch as many as customers.

There are competitions on the side of employees to. What are the challenges that the HRM is facing towards the company’s growth as well as the retentions of the employees. This project will provide a proper understanding of the problems as well as the issues of the employees and how the HRM plans according to the companies and how many challenges that they have to face. What will be the role of the HRM in the organization?About the CompanyThe renowned aviation company Deutsche Lufthansa, which is commonly known as The Lufthansa group is operating worldwide. It is the largest airline in the terms of passenger counting as well as the fleet size. In this company, government has a total stake of 35.68 until 1997. However, the private investors around 88.

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52% owned it all. The Lufthansa group can be term as the fourth largest airline in the world. The Lufthansa group started in the year 1920s and it is a German company. On that time, the company only provides the cargo shipment that is only for the Mailbags and parcel. The competitions were too high on that time as many airline companies were operating the same business like the Lufthansa. However, after so much competition only two have survived, the companies are Deutscher Aero Lloyd and another one is Junkers Luftverkehr. They both has joined hands and found “Deutsche Luft Hansa AG” on the year 1926.

In the year 2017, the Lufthansa has generated revenue of around 35.6 BN Euro, which has increased by 12.4 %, compared to previous year just because of their policies as well as the management. Moreover, the average staffs that were employed were around 128856, which is significantly a huge number. They have chosen the concept of three pillars and organised their business segments.

On the year 1950s, they completed the millionth customer since it was started which is a huge achievement.Problems faced by the companyIn the year 1940s when the war is on and government asked Lufthansa to provide, services like to transport people as well as to perform the technical operations, they need to handle and transport some Secret reports. However, they have done it. The business was expanding in the year 1973 to 79 but it was also followed by the crisis. In the same year the prices of kerosene exploding. Moreover, they have to build more fuel-efficient jets. They have performed well in the year 2011, But it was lower than the previous year the prices of the jet fuel was high of all time and there are numerous external factors that they are facing, such as the Arab region and Africa as well as in the Europe debt crisis, and the natural disaster over Japan. The company has faced the longest strikes from the employees in the history of the German airline in the year 2015, in which they have to cancel around 4,679 flights all over the world and around 22% in total.

It reported that the strikes rooted to the management that led by the Carsten Spohr, the chief executive, for its change in the efficiency of the group. Moreover, the same strike started on the 2016 pilots were demanding 22 percent salary hike. And there were many aircraft crashes which is faced by the company as any crash will led the company’ image down.Impact on the Roles of Human Resource ManagementOver the years, the human resource has changed remarkably. On the first, it was all the clerical work but later on HRM has also joined in the business strategies and now without the HR functions no company could become successful.

As we are here in this millennium, there are several challenges for the HR department around the world, which puts questions on the nature of the practices/activities that is perform by the HR professional. Moreover, involve new approaches for the function of HR in service delivery. At the starting in 1940s there are war going on so the staffing also got affected as the war broke out many people went to the army as well as social services, so the employees were much less for recruitment. As the new companies emerges at the point of time they have attracted many of the core employees of the group the retention is very much crucial for the company and there were many cost cutting going on the phase of fuel price hike. It was very hard for the management to hold the employees to change the job.

Human resource management faced their biggest challenge as many of the employees went on strike because of their wages and cost cutting the by management, HRM has to maintain the balance between the management as employees. Plane crashes will affect the business of the company as well as the employees just like the crash of Germanwings in the year 2015, which questioned as the suicidal. These things will impact the on the Human Resource Management as they were questioned about their recruitment as well as the people will questioned about the safety.


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