Executive Health, work and wellbeing report, CIPD –

Executive Summary:Research was conducted into the impact of Health, Safety and Wellbeing in reducing sickness absence level.

I looked into three different view point of why health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace are important and what we can do it improve on this. The three sources where ACAS – Health, work and wellbeing report, CIPD – Health and Well-being at work and HSE – Healthy workplace, healthy workforce, better business delivery. All sources agreed that health, safety and wellbeing did have an effective impact on reducing sickness absence levels. The ACAS report focused on what managers can do, it talks about being a role model and promoting a healthy workplace including being open regarding mental health, being confident in managing absenceThe CIPD report focused on what HR can do, it talks about good quality policies and procedures to managing sickness, training managers to manage absence and promote a healthy culture.The HSE Leaflet focused on how the workplace as a significant impact on employee’s health and wellbeing and about being proactive with Occupational health, training and being supportive with staff. Recommendations• Promote Healthier lifestyles through the intranet and email i.

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e. reduced gym memberships and healthy lifestyle tips.• Having live sickness absence data • Promoting safety and risk advice and information through the internet and email• Training being made more personal to the role• Updating the Sickness Absence training and putting on monthly sessions


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