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Executive summery
The following report will be based on the consumer buying behavior, which is a reflection of the factors which a consumer evaluate before buying a product. Not even before but after purchase factor is also included in the process. Each of the process will be explained and evaluated, by keeping our product “Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc” in mind. The report will include the research from various journals and point out the important aspects from those journals. The examples will also be included I the report so that the findings can be related to the products. Product will also be compared with various decisive factors like price, quality and brand image of the company.
Problem recognition
This step is often known as the initial and most vital in the decision making process of customer. A customer won’t recognizing the problem until he will purchase the product, so the most important factor which will motivate the customer to buy it is the need and then it will make them realize the problem. The need or problem can be generated by internal motivations, like thirst or hunger or it could come from external motivations, like advertising. CITATION Ang11 l 1033 (Angelo Riviezzo, 2011)In case of Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc, the need of buying can be referred to the different situational elements and even mental statuses that have the potential to trigger the customer’s decision making process. And the customer’s problem can be the price of the product and it cost $19.99 for a bottle, which is quite high for a huge customer base. The prime reasons behind the decision of buying the Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc can be one of the following components:
Image source: – CITATION The186 l 1033 (Thegoodwine, 2018)Information search
After recognizing a particular problem, the next step customer can take is the information search stage, to search that what could be the best solution for him. This effort of the buyer is to search internal and external business atmospheres, just to identify and evaluate information causes related to the essential buying decision. CITATION Pel13 l 5129 (Pellémans, 2013) The customer may depend on the print, packaging, online reviews or even word of mouth for obtaining the information. In case of Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc, following information can be searched by the company:-
Personal Sources – the customer may like to discuss his problem/need with his closed ones
Commercial sources – Advertisements or even the sales personals can give the needed information to the customers. Apart from that packaging of a particular product may prompt individuals to buy the product, so Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc’s packaging can also tell the customers about the health and taste benefits of buying their product. CITATION Pel13 l 5129 (Pellémans, 2013)The utilitarian: – This factor can be related to the fact that Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc is good for the customer’s health. The nutritious factor of the wine are beneficial for customers and even it tastes best with vegetable, shellfish and fish, so the combination increases the health benefit for the customers and even justify the high price of the product. CITATION Ang11 l 1033 (Angelo Riviezzo, 2011)
Image source: – CITATION The186 l 1033 (Thegoodwine, 2018)The social: – The status prestige can also be a factor which can support the fact of high price of the product to buy the wine as it has following factors (Raymond Chan best review, good wine orbit, China Wine and Spirit Awards) attached to it, which makes it preferable choice to buy. CITATION Ang11 l 1033 (Angelo Riviezzo, 2011)
Image source: – CITATION The186 l 1033 (Thegoodwine, 2018)Evaluation of alternatives
As it can be expected, customers will perform an evaluation of the different brands or products at this phase on the base of substitute product, which have the capability to convey the benefits the customer is looking for. Customer’s attitude is the most influential factor a customer considers at this stage. Participation is an extra factor that impacts the valuation process. For example, if the attitude of the customer is strong and positive and his involvement is quite high, then he will evaluate couple of companies or various brands. While on the other hand if it is not that high or may be low, then he will focus on evaluating a single company or brand.
In case of Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc the customers can do the valuation of the existing alternatives, which covers products like, 3 Stone, 3sixty2, Abbey Cellars or Akarangi, as this companies can offer the same service and it may be cheaper than Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc.

Image source: – CITATION Nzw18 l 1033 (Nzwine, 2018)The customers can also take the most frequent wine as their alternatives and in New Zealand there are a lot of them. CITATION Nzw18 l 1033 (Nzwine, 2018)So in this step the customer have to evaluate the several alternatives accessible in the market, which will help him to make up his mind and choose the relevant product with the help of accessed information. So the customers have the above mentioned alternatives of Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc and they can choose the appropriate options according to their need, taste and affordability.

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So after going through all the above mentioned information the buyer has established criteria about what they want in their desired product. Now they evaluate their searched choices against similar alternatives.

A projected table
Factor Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc Other brands
Price $19.99 Other brands are available in less than $15
Quality Good quality
There are brands in the market which gives good quality (or better quality)
Brand image The brand has a weak brand image in the market The alternatives of the brands are well equipped with a good and better brand image
The above table clearly tells us that the alternatives may present their brand in the form of attractive prices, more product benefits, CITATION Han17 l 5129 (Willman, 2017)and the availability of their product, or maybe something personal like, style or the colour of the product. Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc’s marketing efforts should be appropriate to convince the consumers that their product is good to than other available alternatives.

Example: the customers may check the product review on the company’s website or any other related website which can also help him to make up his mind t but the particular product. For example in case of Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc, the reviews are available on the company’s website and some of the website has even done the comparison of the products. This approach will also be beneficial for the customer to make a comparison between the companies.

Purchase decision
Once all the appropriate information has been gathered by the customers along with the facts (this may include the feedback from the existing and previous customers), the customers arrive at a logical decision of purchasing the product. CITATION Ric79 l 5129 (Kernan, 1979)This process can be affected by internal and external factors and they can have a serious impact on the final decision of the consumer. Even the current weather can affect the consumer’s decision to buying the product or leaving it for the next time.
Example: The customer looks for the coat various wines online and after asking his friends and family and even checking the customer feedback on the websites he made up his mind of buying the Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc.
https://www.lucidchart.com/blog/consumer-decision-making-processPost-Purchase Evaluation
To conclude it can be said that by going through all 5 aspects of consumer buying behaviors. The consumer rely on the price and quality of the product, while because of the nature of our product (wine) there are a lot of alternative available in the market, so the company must come up with c


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