Exercise will be preserved for one year

Exercise 1-5:A security or a manger need the Steps to Plan a system Interconnection to gain in their field and for the it to work properly as a team. The First step will be to establish joint planning Team which they will need management and administrators and their responsibility is to plan the process cleat and have sufficient resources. Second Step define business care which how and the purpose if the interconnection and requirements. Third step, Perform C&A which they need to recheck the security protection. Fourth step, Determine Interconnection requirements which they will have to identify and examine security and requirements. Fifth and sixth, Document agreement and approve or reject interconnection. An administrator will have to learn and do testing, identifying, and eliminating the bad things so security can work property. Exercise 1-1:Computer forensics has grown over the years and is critical sometimes when the wrong person know how to use it and work it.

Security policies for Computer forensics will be:1. User login will be monitor 2. Network capacity will be increased before traffic hits the level where packets will be dropped3.

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Router logs will be preserved for 6 months 4. Firewall and Snort logs will be preserved for one year 5. Network will be tested every 6 months for congestion situation by overloading it until it begins to drop trafficHand -on – project :Using Virtualization on the projects is great on this field because it doesn’t the same as what an OS do, but at the end of the day it erases. A virtual system can run many hostesses at the same time, is like using multiple computer in just one. It is good for student and is free, so they can work on the virtual machine with out deleting any data on their personal computer. Also, it allows you to use other programs and free at no cost.


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