Existence are available o foster effective career training

Existence of previous employee training and development efforts offer a number f innovativeness.Tools and resources to improve employee training activities are availableExperienced workforce dedicated to training and development process are available.Strong workforce collaborationHigh quality training work programs.Inadequate communication channels for both formal and informal communication within the organization and in training programs.Lack of accountability of human resource managers to achieve measurable performance levels of employees. Chiang, Y.

H. (2003). Lack of continued evaluation of employees progress.

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Lack of preparation and designing of proper training programs.Organization is allows flexible training options.Advanced technologies are available o foster effective career training and development activities. Chiang, Y. H.

(2003). Identity of employees hidden strengths and capabilities and weaknesses.Increased HR managers responsibility for employees career development. Chiang, Y. H. (2003).


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