EXPERIENCES/REFLECTIONS then we got the best solution to

Experiences consists of knowledge or skills on something or event required from such an event, especially through projects that our group has undertaken on financial issues among university students. While, reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyze, evaluate and so inform learning about practice. For this element, we will explain our encounters, our observations, our experiences and lessons what we have learned when carrying out this project.

At first, we encountered problems early in the project. This is because, we don’t know and understand what we want to do at first even though we have details and instructions to do this project. We also don’t know how to solve the financial issues among university students. But, after we are encountered between each other and sit in a group, then we got the way to solve the financial issues among university students. Many ways came out from the suggestion of the members in group, but after we filtered the solution, then we got the best solution to apply in this project. To find the solution, it is so difficult cause as university student, we need to think as a profesional person, not like a kid anymore.
Next, go to our observation. Observation is the action or process of carefully watching someone or something then thinking about it. We have watched how the life of an university students has been facing financial issues before they make part time job as drop ship in the business. Their live are very difficult and slightly rebellious. This is because, they do not have money for everyday spending until they are willing to borrow money and indebted it with their own friends. They also do not have enough money to buy food at cafe around university. They are willing to withstand hunger and only eat snacks that are left in the room. After we observed their action, then we took some ways to solve their problem. So, this is our observations in a group about the life of an university students faced financial issues before they became a drop ship.

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Then, we will explain about our experiences when carrying out this project. Our experience began from start till finish the project. Our experiences also includes a bitter and sweet experience. Our bitter experience in solving this project is that we have a little bit of a dispute because of the difference in sight. However, the idea has been accepted and filtered so that all members agree with one view that contributed by one of our members in group. While, for the sweet experience is all members of the group are able to provide a good cooperation in competing this project. Any misunderstandings will be resolved well among group members. This makes our project well-prepared and easy to handle.
Lastly, we have learned about good communication when carrying out this project. Communication is very important in solving a problem. Without effective communication, problems can’t be resolved I a good way. As such, the group leader plays an important role when communicating with members of the group. This is to ensure that the information presented is clear and easy to be followed by group members to complete the project. In this case, our leader has already provided information about this project clearly. All members of the group understand what the group leader is saying and we start acting to complete the project.

In conclusion, the experiences or reflections can give us benefits to improve our mistakes in the future project to ensure that we will do better than this. So, these are our experiences or reflections when we carrying out the project.

Our group has chosen Gmail as web tools to complete our project. Gmail is included in the five tools that have been selected by us for use in our project.

Gmail is a free Web-based-email service currently being tested at Google that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. The Gmail program also automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread.
Gmail provides up to 4000 megabytes of storage and continues to grow. This amount is more than 4 times the amount of other pages provided like Yahoo! and Hotmail. This means users can store up to thousands of electronic mail. For that reason, we have chosen this tool so we can better store more info, data and pictures as evidences in Gmail without any interruptions. If our device tools has a problem, all of the information will lost and it is can hurt us. So that, if we use this Gmail, we can back up and save our information within this to complete our project. It does not matter if we want to store as much information as possible, because as mentioned before, megabyte storage is very large.

Gmail also can ease us to send and receive document with a large amount. Sending information through Gmail is unlimited. In fact, the time it takes to get the information sent by the group members is also very short. This means that group members do not have to wait and take a long time to receive information sent via Gmail. Once we received Gmail from other members in our group, we have two options either we want to download their documents or not. If we don’t want to download, we only can read through this, but if we want to download, the document automatically will be saved in our devices. Gmail also makes it easier for us to look up another member’s Gmail address to send an information. That’s why we have chosen Gmail to complete our project, it looks so easy to us as university student to use this tool.

Nowadays, Gmail can also be downloaded into mobile phones from Play Store. This will make it easier for our group to access it wherever we are. If before, we had to use a laptop to use this tool and need to search through the engine search in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox an so on, but now, when we have this Gmail in our mobile phone then we can go straight to the sign in without any searching. This Gmail also no need us to use the money to purchase it as long as our devices have internet connection to access it. Obviously, Gmail is the best tool we can use to complete our project because we already know the inside of this Gmail function, so it can contribute more benefits to us


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