Experiences being attentive to beauty of all

Experiences to real and immediate landscapes is influenced by the landscapes an individual remembers. Hence, by becoming artists ourselves and being attentive to beauty of all sorts, de Botton’s anecdotal tone on “Possessing Beauty” provides readers with rich, poetic imagery of the four places he travelled to. He skillfully represents his travelling experiences to word paintings; editing memories of “remembered landscapes” to impact individual’s mind psychologically and visually. De Botton skillfully paraphrases his guide John Ruskin: “there is only one way to possess beauty properly and that is through understanding it”. The representation of the beauty of a landscape may therefore be a product of an individual’s construction of a place in order to establish positive memories associated with it.

Throughout the chapter, De Botton’s selectivity when choosing accompanying images by Ruskin ensure that the artworks are intimate and reverend portraits of details in nature such. This is primarily demonstrated through descriptive imagery of the intricate pencil drawing of a peacock feather and a diagram of the different tree branches. Thus, through De Botton’s insight on the impact of beauty on one’s interpretation of the landscape, he is able to convey how people’s experiences influenced by the landscapes they remember impact individuals and society.

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