Experiments We would like to give parents

Experiments are an important aspect of our school as children learn actively, hand on learning and it promotes their thinking ability. The lesson that we plan are safe from our preschooler and educational. We would like to give parents an example of two experiments that are conducted in our center (school), is taste buds experiment whereas we blindfold the children and without looking at the food they have to taste and guess what healthy vegetable or fruit they ate at the same time we are also giving them a healthy eating habit. The second experiment that we do with our preschooler is brushing teeth, If you have a hard time getting your child to brush his teeth, it might be time to try the Egg in Soda Experiment and its companion, the Egg in Vinegar dental health experiment. In theory, a hard-boiled egg’s shell works similarly to the enamel on a child’s tooth.

It’s there to protect the soft inside, or dentin, from damage. Unfortunately, some of our eating and drinking habits make it difficult for the enamel to protect our teeth from damage. Our belief is that children are little scientists we encourage experiments so they learn and discover it. The two activities that can be reinforced to the children are vigorous and moderate activities. The moderate activity can involve planting garden or draw with chalk on walkways, using chalk and moving that allows the small muscle to develop and planting garden helps them to be aware of their environment that allows the fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination to develop. Vigorous activity should be reinforced like kicking the ball or climbing climber that allows them to strengthen their large muscle, preventing obesity, developing self-confidence, improving peers relationship and gives the ability to concentrate and learn. The center should promote children’s active play every day. Children should have ample opportunity to do moderate to vigorous activities such as running, climbing, dancing, skipping and jumping.

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All children, two to six years, should participate.During preschool, kids experience structured time together that is both fun and educational. In our preschool they learn how to bond with their peers, follow directions and stick to a schedule; all skills that prepare them for school. For children with special needs, there are certain pre-school activities that work particularly well to keep them engaged, focused and actively learning. Here are two lessons that help children with special needs, both in the classroom and at home, get the most out of their learning experiences. Sensory tables offer a wealth of benefits for children with special needs who have Down syndrome or autism. Engaging in sensory experiences like running fingers through dried rice or pouring water can distract and calm a child who is feeling over-stimulated or anxious.

It promotes self –discovery and encourages a child to explore new textures which in turn supports social and emotional development. The second lesson is lightbox it’s a fun and mesmerizing for all children, but it specifically helps to increase the attention spans of children with special needs. Children can spend hours with a light box, exercising their fine motor skills by creating illuminated patterns and pictures with brightly colored transparent shapes. Even better, this easy homemade version works great in a home or classroom. Be sure to have plenty of brightly colored transparent items on hand like decorating rocks, plastic blocks, and even colored salt/sand.Keeping children healthy, nutritional and safety is one of the most important tasks for daycare center providers.

Whether children are in the center- or home-based care, providers are responsible for ensuring safety both indoor and outdoor. It’s highly important to enhance this three things that are will help center to develop and maintain the daycare center and letting the child grow in an appropriate way to develop their skills and stay healthy.To help save our beautiful planet our center will communicate with parents via email. This will include daily newsletters; our main aim is to see success of our children as they blossom to be a beautiful educators and person in a healthy nutrition and safe environment that will help them later in life as it always said a good environment in school at an early age will give our student better life in future.


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