Explain this is not happening. Managing under performance

Explain how team members are managed when performance does not meet requirementsThe aim of managing performance is to ensure that people can achieve their best and play their part in meeting the goals and objectives of the team in a way that is consistent with my organizations values. So managing under performance is about me as a line manager proactively addressing any instances where this is not happening. Managing under performance is not always easy. However, the effects of not dealing with it can include demotivation of other staff, not achieving the team’s objectives or damage to the reputation of my company. In most cases if under performance is not addressed it becomes more difficult to manage.

It is therefore important to deal effectively with any issues as soon as possible. Before approaching the management of the issue, it is important to first identify what the source of underperformance is.Under performance can usually be attributed to one of the following: Capability, this is generally when a member of staff can’t meet the requirements of a role. Perhaps they don’t understand what is expected, or they have not got the skills required.

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They might also be incapable of fulfilling a role due to ill health. Conduct this is generally when someone won’t do something, for example because they cannot be bothered or don’t want to.The process for performance management in the case of underperformance in my organization is in the first instance informal and involves, identifying and defining the problem, evidence gathering, such as documentary evidence, physical evidence or a testimony, this could also by hearsay evidence. Some areas of underperformance can be tackled or corrected quickly, whereas some underperformance cannot be resolved as easily and may involve managing the person out of organization. Before proceeding into any formal processes I will need to think about the possible causes of the underperformance, have we provided enough training, have I made my expectation clear, is their workload too high etc?We will need to agree what the issues are and what needs to change, what needs to be put in place to help them do this and what action each of us will take. I will need to ensure they are clear about the gap between their performance and the required performance.That there is as agreed plan outlining what improvement I expect of them and by when, and the support we will provide to help them improve. I will hold regular catch up meetings to discuss and review the issues as that’s the best place to discuss performance issues.

I must make sure they understand the seriousness and what might happen if their performance does not improve for example, progression into formal procedures.Workplace: When I receive a feedback regarding staff’s poor performance, as a manager it is my duty to correct the staff as soon as possible in good approach to provide staff a friendly environment. It is in a very good way for me to give the staff constructive criticisms, I usually stress how well they did and what I like and other staff as well as the service users about his/he performance. The feedback about staff’s not so good performance I must be given with developmental slant.

I am always firm with my staffs especially when correcting their mistakes with specifically highlighting what I must expect the team member will do and I will give clear feedback indication of how to achieve it. I usually end with positive point so must to rebuild staff self-esteem in what can often be rather uncomfortable situation. I don’t usually make it as a personal issue. I always keep in kind that it is the behaviour and performance not the person is the issue. I always give then chance to explain their side and listen to what they say.


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