Exploring have stability in society. Functionalism deals with

Exploring Sociological TheoriesToddrianna IslerSociology OL121June 10, 2018Exploring Sociological TheoriesSociological theories are interrelated concepts used to explain how other theories are related. In addition, it also helps provide us with different perspectives on how we should view the world. There are three different types of sociological theories which are functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionist theory. These theories also help us grasp a bigger picture of the society in our own personal lives. They are concepts used to expand our understanding about people, their behaviors and their societies. Functionalism theory which is one of the sociological theories which as discovered by Auguste Comte and other researchers.

Emile Durkheim was a researcher and theorist that focused on how could be maintain or have stability in society. Functionalism deals with the body/mind which means the mental state of someone. The social behavior of someone would fall under functionalism as well because the body has different parts that survive off each other to survive and for society it is made up of different parts that must work together to keep everything stable.

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Conflict theory is tension between groups within a society. These conflicts may come up in society because the powers or even resources that are distributed throughout the society. Pushing the discipline to look at questions of power, inequality, and how these things can affect what happens in society. Karl Marx was a researcher that studied conflict theory. Marx believed that the only way for us to survive in the world is to change it so that working together could help us. This can be determined by race, gender, culture and religion. Interactionist theory is how individuals act within society.

Also, it focuses on how we use language or interpret symbols with each other in society. It aims to understand the human behavior often with face to face interactions. It also focuses on how we act or make choices within the society after or during our interaction with others.A social issue that interest me in suicide.

Suicide to me is one of the most important social issue because most people do not believe that it is an issue, but it is. I believe that functionalism would view suicide the same as any other social issue because often people who commit suicide or attempt suicide cannot be stable in the society because they feel alone. In addition, conflict theory would also consider suicide the same as any other social issue as well because people often feel the need to have mental break down within themselves because they may feel unhappy and cannot survive in the society because they may follow their mind and not them hear or allow other people to drag them down. Interactionist theory I believe would take a lot of consideration because it involves the reaction or interaction with others. Suicide victims try to cover up their feelings and emotions because they are trying to put up a bold or happy face around others. Having an interaction with someone or even a group can increase the thoughts or attempts with people because some people do not know how to interact with others the right way or treat people the way they want to be treated.I believe the most plausible theory for analyzing is the interactionist theory because today people do not know how to interact with others.

Often you see on social media or around you some people treating people like they do not care about other feelings. I talked about suicide for a reason because depression is real, and people avoid trying to interact with others because people come off at times as careless or ruthless when they are with other. Interactionist is important because one bad conversation or even giving out the wrong signals could lead to someone self-destruction.


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