F&N with a robust distribution network of

F&N posted lower earnings of RM323.37mil in the financial year ended Sept 30, 2017.It announced that 2017 earnings fell 16% from RM385.37mil in 2016. Its revenue dipped nearly 1.6% to RM4.10bil from RM4.

17bil.BACKGROUND Founded by John Fraser and David Chalmers Neave in 1883, from whom our instantly recognizable initials ‘F;N’ ar derived, F&N has evolved into associate painting house complete and also the F&N cluster nowadays is among the oldest, most recognised and most sure-fire businesses in Singapore and Malaya with core experience and leadership within the Food & nutrient, Property and business enterprise & Printing sectors. Listed on the Singapore securities market and Bursa Malaya, Fraser and Neave, restricted and Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd put together operate in over twenty countries throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and also the USA, using regarding ten,000 individuals worldwide. As a complete that has been entwined among the nation’s material for over a century, F;N enjoys a special place within the hearts of Malaysians, fulfilling its promise of ‘Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness’.

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In fact, nearly each Malaysian enjoys F;N at some purpose, every day, because of its wide portfolio of merchandise. A key associated distinct person for F;N is our ability to apace deploy an unequalled nationwide distribution system to make sure the generality of our brands and merchandise in marketplaces and townships throughout the length and breadth of Malaysia’s 329,750 sq kilometer area. Our enduring partnership with a robust distribution network of ancient and fashionable trade customers ensures a seamless flow of deliveries, stocks and inventories to our combined operations and repair of ninety,000 retailers across Malaya. The core strengths of our 133-year enterprise, specifically our vision, brands and merchandise, network, resources, and skill, is what distinguishes F&N in delivering property performance and growth, consonant with the well-being of communities and also the setting, to fulfill our consumer’s gift and future expectations.

Our merchandise have glad the tastes and appetites of generations and that we can still deepen the reference to our shoppers and supply excitement and delight in bicycle-built-for-two with our complete promise of ‘Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness’.Some 130 years ago, the F;N brand first made its appearance in the form of an aerated water product. Today, the beverage brands under the umbrella of the F;N Group have become the preferred thirst quenchers for countless generations of Malaysians. Our multiple brands are leaders in most of their respective segments and offer consumers the country’s most comprehensive range of soft drinks, catering to every occasion.

F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd (FNBM) is Malaysia’s largest soft drinks distributor. The company operates four manufacturing plants nationwide, including its state-of-the-art facility at its headquarters in Shah Alam, Selangor. The company commenced operations in 1936 when Fraser and Neave, Limited secured the franchise of Coca-Cola in Singapore and Malaysia. F;N Coca-Cola (M) Sdn Bhd (F;NCC) was born as a result of this. The licensee agreement ended in September 2011 and the company was renamed as F;N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd. FNBM has satisfied the tastes and appetites of generations and we will continue to deepen the connection with our consumers and offer excitement and enjoyment in tandem with our brand promise of ‘Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness’F;N’s dairy business grew out of a joint venture with Beatrice Foods of Chicago, USA in 1959 with the construction of Southeast Asia’s first sweetened condensed milk plant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The Carnation Company, also from the US, joined the partnership in 1965 to form Premier Milk as the manufacturing arm.

This partnership proved enterprising as within that year, the highly successful Evaporated Milk was launched. In 1989, the Group acquired the interests of Beatrice Foods and restructured its dairy operations under F;N Dairies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. It was expanded further with the acquisition of Magnolia in 1995. In 1998, the Group commenced its pasteurised business. In 2007, the company successfully acquired the Tea Pot brand and the licensing and distribution of the Carnation, Cap Junjung, and Ideal brands in Malaysia, marking the beginning of a new era of more success for F;N Dairies Malaysia in a highly competitive landscape. It is by no sheer coincidence that F;N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd is the undisputed leader in the Sweetened Condensed Milk and Evaporated Milk market, attested to by the millions of Malaysians of all walks of life who enjoy their daily treasured moments with a cup of teh tarik or coffee, cakes or confectionery or the wide and delectable range of Malaysian cuisine made from F;N’s broad range of dairy products.

Today, F&N is one of the largest producers of dairy products in the world, exporting to over 40 countries worldwide, and a leading market player in the canned milk, pasteurised milk and juice segment with its strong portfolio of well-loved brands such as F&N, Tea Pot, Carnation, Ideal, Gold Coin, F&N Magnolia, Farmhouse, Sunkist and Fruit Tree Fresh.SWOT Analysis of Fraser and Neave with USP, Competition, STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) – Marketing AnalysisFraser and NeaveParent Company Fraser and Neave LtdCategory ConglomerateSector Properties and diversified industriesTagline/ Slogan Pure enjoyment, Pure goodnessUSP Synergy and organic growth strategySTPSegment Breweries, development property, dairies, soft drinks, printing and publishing and commercial printingTarget Group Residential and commercial real estate, consumers of soft drinks, beer and dairy products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China; agencies seeking book publications, advertising agencies, book readersPositioning Market leader with 100 years of trustSWOT Analysis


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