f-Commerce: your potential customers: They can buy directly,

f-Commerce: Selling Successfully on Facebook
f-Commerce: Selling Successfully on Facebook

For retailers with an online shop, the doorways have widened with possibility to sell their products on Facebook. Insert crowd cheers here…

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Many online retailers have a dedicated store on their website and drive all their traffic to it. Retailers often overlook the possibility of a Facebook shop, or they simply believe you must decide between the two platforms. Why choose, when each platform is a selling tool in its own right?

If you decide to kick off your Facebook shopping strategy, there are a few things to consider:

1. What is your goal on Facebook?
Is it brand awareness, or would you like to increase your sales? If it’s sales, a Facebook store can ensure a convenient experience for your potential customers: They can buy directly, without having to leave Facebook at all.

2. What other sales channels are you using?
Do you have traditional brick and mortar stores? Do you have multiple store branches? Perhaps you’re already using other online shopping channels like Amazon or your own eCommerce site. Your Facebook shopping strategy shouldn’t exist in isolation.

Why use f-Commerce in your online sales strategy?
Not sure whether a Facebook shop is the right option for your company? Here are a few stats to help you decide:

2.2 billion The number of global Facebook users
18-19 million The number of Facebook users in South Africa
14 Minutes The average total time users spend on Facebook per day
40% of consumers use social networking sites when shopping online
7-10% higher cart values are reported on Facebook

Now that you have an idea of the increasing potential of Facebook shopping, it’s time to launch your strategy for successful selling.

The recipe for successful Facebook sales:
1 dash of customer service
– Use Facebook Messenger to answer your customers’ questions and help them find what they’re looking for.
2 teaspoons of creativity
– High-quality ads can drive sales for you. They must have at least one enticing offer, be relevant, visually-engaging, and they must have a clear call to action.
3 sprinkles of promotion
Sponsored posts
– If you have a special promo or news that your loyal followers should know about, you can put budget behind sponsored posts to reach as many followers as your budget allows.
– They can even share it with their friends. (How’s that for keeping it in the loyalty circle?)

Carousel ads
– Carousel ads allow you to add 10 image cards for products or features you want to advertise.
– It is ideal if you want to promote multiple products, show product features, or take people on a tour of your app or software.

Collection ads
– People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices.
– Collection ads allow you to create a seamless shopping experience for people on Facebook, while they browse on their phones.


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