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Facebook advertising for business in 2018There are many social media platforms on which you can promote your business, but Facebook remains the most effective and proven way to reach your audience and see the information of users through the power of Facebook advertising. to be. With approximately 1.69 billion users per month in the first half of 2018, Facebook is the best social networking platform for companies. However, it is necessary to implement effective marketing strategies to drive a profitable and results-oriented campaign.85% of people who use the Internet use Facebook.

65% of adults over 65 also use Facebook. It has more than 1,850 million users. Most users visit their Facebook page several times a day. No matter who your customers are, they use Facebook. And most people use it every day. One of the biggest benefits of Facebook advertising is that your customers use it every day.

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Benefits of advertising Business on Facebook in 2018Advertising on Facebook is the most specific form of advertisingA great benefit of advertising on Facebook is the ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most specific form of advertising. Facebook ads allow you to specify the interests of the people you care about. You can target a specific group of people based on demographics, age, interests and everything they do on the Internet.

Mobile traffic advertisementsMobile traffic is important as smartphones penetration continues to grow and 4G data networks grow. Many people interrupt their work day by looking at their cell phones for a few hours on social networks and accessing their mobile audience. In fact, Facebook has more than 1,740 million users accessing and developing their mobile application every day.Advertising on Facebook can increase your SEO rankingSearch engines use social keys to evaluate websites. Social signals are the activities of their content on social networks. This activity includes shared resources, preferences and comments about your publications. Advertising on Facebook can help you increase your social cues that will indirectly influence your SEO ranking.Increase the generation of leads for more effective resultsThe generation of leads is the generation of consumer interests or the consultation of products or services offered by your company.

Facebook is more than a way to expand your brand to interact with your potential and with your existing customers. Facebook ads, if done correctly, can dramatically increase the generation of prospects and customers.Advertising on Facebook is the most economical form of business promotionAnother great benefit of advertising on Facebook advertising is that it is one of the economical and cheapest forms of advertising. You can literally spend $ 5 and reach 1,000 people.

It makes no sense to invest more in radio advertising, television advertising, billboards and other traditional media.conclusionA great benefit of advertising on Facebook is the ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most specific form of advertising. You can announce people by age, interests, behavior and position.

If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to attract them. To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook ads in creating sales opportunities, be sure to be creative enough to provide links and publications with engaging content that leads your audience to a home page or to a generating website. more traffic customers and more sales.


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