FACTORS the grade VII students as the

FACTORS AFFECTING THE STUDY HABITS OF GRADE 7 STUDENTS IN MATHEMATICS.Introduction A student’s level of intelligence is showed by the grades he/she attains. When a student gets a high grade, it means that he/she has learned a lot, and if not, the student would most likely have obtained lesser learning. Notwithstanding, there are numerous factors that greatly affect the grades of every students, these are the intelligence quotient, study habits, age, year, social status, etc.

But, it has long been recognized that in the process of learning the study habits of the students play an important role in their performance academically. The topic was chosen based on the concern raised by the researchers regarding the poor study habit of the students in Lawa Elementary School. The researchers had chosen the grade VII students as the respondents for the reason that they are ahead, mature, and responsible students among the six grade level. Upon the raised problem of the school, the researchers pursued this concern to let the school know about what are the factors that really affect the students’ poor study habit when grouped according to their time management, learning techniques, and study skills. The study will be conducted inside the Lawa Elementary School, recently welcome grade 7 students which is located in Obando, Valenzuela. The grade VII has 6 sections and 40 students per class. Grade VII students take a quarterly examination as part of school curriculum who are not exempted from the problem in learning and mastering mathematics. Tests in Mathematics reveals low performance of these students.

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Earlier studies showed that most of the problem that contributes to poor performance in mathematics were lack of proper study. Most students are devoting less time to their studies because of many factors that could be taken account for. Recently, the popular trend of social media occupies greater fraction to these factors. In the Philippines, there are now 47 million Facebook users according to Internet Society.

This means that students spend more time on FB rather than studying or revisiting their lesson. Thus, technology greatly influences the students’ desire to learn. According to Hussain (2000) study habit refers to predispositions which students have developed towards private readings through a period of time.

According to him, study habit is a gateway to successful achievement in studies. A great deal of research provides evidence that study habits and study attitudes are both significant variables, which determine the academic performance of students. Yet, in spite of the perceived importance of study habits and study attitudes to academic achievement, it seems that education institution still pay little attention to understanding these factors (Baquiran, 2011). On Gudagavanar and Halayannavar’s research, “Influence of Study Habits on Academic Performance of Higher Primary Students,” study habits play a very important role in the life of students.

Success or failure of each student depends upon his own study habits. Of course, study is an art and as such it requires practice. Some students study more but they fail to achieve more. Others study less but achieve more. Success of each student definitely depends upon ability, intelligence and effort of students.

No doubt, regular study habits bring their own rewards in the sense of achievement of success. A very good and conducive environment encourages students study habit and might have positive impact of their academic achievements but students reading in an unfavorable environment might find it difficult to study which might affect their academic achievements. Students with financial constraints might also find it difficult to perform excellently well in their academics. At this point in time, the researchers would like to investigate the possible relationship of study habits and the factors affecting to it to the academic performance of the grade 7 students of Lawa Elementary School. The findings of the study will provide basis and awareness not just for students but as well as the teachers and school administration. The study aims to know the impact of Social Media to the students on their study habits. Examine the impact of technology on the study habits of the subjects.

Good students are not born but are made by incessant and purposeful drill of good study habits, for which there is no alternative (Ames & Archer, 1988). Thus, it is vital to perk up study habits of students to advance their academic performance. Enhancement of good study habits in children hinges on the shared exertions of parents and teachers (Kizlik, 2001).References Ames, R. & Archer, J. (1988). Achievement goals in the classroom: Students learning strategies and motivation process.

Journal of Psychology, 80, 260-267. Baquiran, L. A. (2011). Study Habits and Attitudes of Freshmen Students: Implications for Academic Intervention Programs. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 2(5), 1116-1121. Hussain, A (2000), Effect of Broken Home on Academic Performance of Secondary School Student in English Language. Journal of Researches in counselling Psychology.

4(1):-84 – 87. Kizlik, R. D. (2001). ABC of academic success, London: Harper & Co.

Prepared by:Maria Cecilia E. Martin


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