Fake is very short. Fake news creators

Fake news is a means to an objective, not an objective in and of itself.

The parties who commissioned thepromotion of fake news sites do so with an objective in mind. While any media post can be consideredbiased to some extent, what differentiates fake news campaigns is that they are often generally basedon fabricated, non-existent facts and often utilize shocking, clickbait titles in order to attract the reader’sattention.The importance of the title used for the headlines cannot be emphasized enough. In today’s digital era,the attention span of a typical reader is very short. Fake news creators use this to manipulate the public.

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There’s no need for an article to be sensible, complete, or factual; a sensational headline will achieve theobjectives just as well.In the current landscape, the objective is most commonly thought to be political. While this has beenthe dominant variety of fake news in some countries, other possible motives exist. Even if political fakenews is the most commonly used today, the tools and techniques that enable them are becoming moreavailable. It is inevitable that other motivations—such as profit—will come to the forefront in later years.


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