Fashion they are updated regularly to stay competitive

Fashion is afield which is gaining attraction from various professional’s designers. Thishas been driven by considerable demands in high-quality products that suitbuyers during multiple seasons of the year. Importantly, advancement intechnology has transformed the fashion industry and has made the collaborationbetween fashion designers and architect possible. However, within the last fiveyears, many fashion designers have used architecture as an investment toimprove and develop their brand. There are numerous displays of successfulcollaboration between fashion designers and architects resulting in excitingand innovative retail space. This dissertation aims to investigate why retailspace is very important to a brand in the fashion industry and will evaluatethe partnership that is formed between fashion designers and architects in thesame industry.

According to Mesher (2010), ‘retail spaces are at the forefrontof contemporary interior design because they are updated regularly to staycompetitive and appealing.'(Mesher, 2010:7) This thesiswill evaluate the work done by Giorgio Armani and Claudio Silverton. GiorgioArmani is a renowned fashion designer while Claudio Silvertin is anarchitecture designer. These works will be compared with those done by fashiondesigner Miuccia Prada and architect Rem Koolhaas.These four designers have perform exceptionally well in retail design space and are respected for their uniquecontribution to the fashion industry.

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According to Wardrop (2009), ‘ today’s fashion industry is characterized byexquisite architectural design and this design attracts customers to thestores. The main reason behind these unique architectural plans is to create anidentifiable image of boutiques or fashion stores..

.(Wardrop,2009 :29)The firstchapter covers the general overview of retail design and retail space and itsimportance in promoting a brand name for a given fashion product and look athow it started. The second chapter will talk about the collaboration betweenfashion designers and architects and have a background of the four designerGiorgio Armani , Claudio Slivertin , Miuccia Prada and Rem Koolhaas  chaper 3 will be looking at the fashion designers retail space visual elementsand last chapter 4 will be talking about retail store design and space oncustomer experience.


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