Fatima that fades to a hazel brown.

Fatima CazaresMs. RodriguezAP English III8 May 2018(Untitled)A compound of twingled branches compacted with mud, grass, and twigs; with a circular like structure. This nest is the precious home of an adventurous creature. This beautifully majestic creature was a dainty fellow, with its bill composed of a sapphire apricot color with dashes of pitch-black, and the rachis contained stripes of white resembling snowfall.The primary and secondary feathers had a pastel umber color, the convert feathers of the wing bear a color that fades to a hazel brown. The feathers of the tail and surroundings of the bill are impeccably tinted and brushed like art. The pupil were round containing a dark coffee brown and the iris contain a golden brown with a dark ring around the iris. This innocent resplendent creature that soar gracefully and majestically.

As it dominates the sky like if it runs through the hope of life.The creature knew it true nature was to fly and glide to the sky.Not knowingly this creature stepped into the territory of a known predator that preys on sight.Notorious for its quench to prey on the weak for it is its true nature.The carnivore head resembles that of an executor’s. The predator has a long sharp, curved, darken-bill to tear his prey apart. A powerful puff chest and tail with dashes of pearl white.

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Its claws like Freddie Cougar, to stab or lock its prey. Its powerful horrific wings of a burnt sienna shade and lighter color marking in the form of a v-shape color on the tip of the feathers. Lastly the eyes which are the keys of the soul that lies beneath. The monstrous creature contains of a pitch-black pupil with the iris of amber shade and a black orbit following around, known for its keen eyesight.

When the wee fellow soars in the forbidden territory, the creature was overshadowed, like an ellipse that shadows the earth with darkness. The predator snaches the birds and tears its wings apart disabling it from flight.When glancing in the eyes of the bird there is a presence of fear for it knows its true fate, and endures the pain that is to come.This poor creature is pinned down and the sound of bones crackles begins like when someone steps on branches.The hawk claws penetrated the bird through the chest, snapping the ribs and scapula paralyzing the bird.

Once the claws enter into the inner organs, the respiratory system collapse, liquefying most of the organs and causing liquid substances to spleen out. Later on, the predator start to pluck the feathers as a flower as it gets deflowered. After the plucking of the feathers, the hawk starts to torture the living bird. It begins to peel the layers of salmon pink flesh with tarnished cherry red gug with its mighty beak.

Seconds later it guzzles the whole bird and regurgitates what was left of the bird. The corpse deteriorated through time and all that was left was a pile of dust and nothingness. For it is the law of nature that the weak shall be the prey. As one can infer from Darwin theory only the fittest can survive.


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