Fay through. She only wants to show how

Fay Weldon is without a shadow of doubt influenced by feminism. She regards herself a feminist writer. Weldon concentrates mainly on female heroines in various life roles — mothers, lovers, daughters, sisters.

Women are the centres of the novels and everything is connected with them and their lives. A woman’s lot is usually depicted. Women are shown as really strong and powerful creatures who do not want to come to terms with their fates. Fay Weldon has a tremendous ability to create heroines who are tough enough to fight to the last breath against the disfavour of fate. Although her work is influenced by feminism, she tries to treat the male protagonists justly and as they deserve.

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In my opinion, Weldon does not want to blame men for all the misfortune women live through. She only wants to show how the relationships can affect people’s lives. Weldon feels that the status of women in modern society should be discussed and that is why she focuses mainly on women and their fates.


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